Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Reporting In

I took advice from S and had some protein to stabilize my blood sugar. G and I didn't drive to Portland. We went as far as Freeport, and decided to have a very late breakfast (and we are so full we are skipping dinner). We sat and had time to talk to each other. We also packaged the batts and fabric (I used LOTS of tape) and sent them off via the post office.

I stopped at two places of employment and found the offered job at one to be filled and no jobs available at the second. And I visited in person which the unemployment people want us to do. I am trying to do everything correctly. I also got my first check. $145.

I also wore one of the two new Orvis sweatshirts (w/shawl collar I adore) and even though it is the exact same size as the two I got in the fall, these are snug. And I worry what they will be like after washing. I wrote the company an email and they suggest I return them with the UPS shipping label they are sending. How is that solving my problem? They suggested I then reorder. Would I be getting the large XL or the small XL????? Am I wrong to think this way?

Today's "hungry girl" email had a list of low fat snacks. Fuji apples/Vita tops/fat free string cheese/100 calorie almond packs/Yoplait Light fat free yogurt/Fiber One 50 calorie yogurt. This website loves 100 calorie anything. 100 calories of nothing is 100 calories too many. I did buy the Vita Tops in double chocolate. In case I felt the need for dense chocolate and had 100 calories to spare for the day. It could happen. I also have the almond packs. I felt the bag and I think there are 8 almonds inside each. Wow.

Diane N added a comment with the Wallander reading list. Thank You!!!! I copied it all down on a card. And there was news of a new Branagh DVD of three more Wallander stories. It's scheduled to air on BBC in the spring. Perhaps on PBS in 2011????

I visited Target and found the Julie & Julia DVD. I also purchased four large plastic storage boxes for my art supplies. They were on sale for $4 each. Now I can empty all the bags into these containers and perhaps find things I am looking for. If I was really an efficient Virgo, I would make a list of the contents for each box and tape it to the side of the boxes.

G tried to get me to buy a Turbo Tax disc today. I told him the IRS has audited me (us) so many times now, sometimes asking for money and sometimes sending me refunds, that I can just about do anything wrong and the government will correct it for me. There's no way they aren't going to audit my return. They probably have our names and SS#'s up on the bulletin board. Sort of a lottery of who gets to audit me next. And it's always the same mistake. Qualified dividends. Well, last year I got the QD's right but used the wrong line in the tax booklet for taxes owed. I am planning to start in on the taxes on February 1. Getting lots of blank forms. No erasing so much that there's no paper left in certain spots on the forms. See why they love me? What's not to love about someone who can't remember which way is the right way to fill in blank spaces from year to year. I got it right when I copied off my dead father's return last year.

So, that's everything that happened today. G is reading and Riley is sleeping. I'm going to read today's newspaper. See you tomorrow.


Diane N said...

I'm glad the reading link was helpful. You might like to read this story about the proposed new Wallander series. It was only announced in the past couple days. Here's the link:

Diane N said...

I just realized that the link said "sex-more-wallanders." I guess someone at The Guardian is a bad typist because the article title was "Six more Wallanders."

I didn'[t want you to think I was sending you smut but the link will take you to the article.

gema said...

J, you are hilarious!!! You make me laugh, often.