Thursday, May 11, 2006

Work is Love Made Visible

A little Easter collage made on the road. I had no idea the little colored triangles on the blue rectangle were going to want to be bunnies. But they did.

Yesterday's collage. As usual. Too much going on. It's okay. Nothing extra ordinary. I was not feeling very good yesterday. Dizzy and like I wanted to throw up but didn't. Everyone at the library is sick. Coughing, stuffy nose, post nasal drip, and feverish. Just what I wanted. Not.

Lunch yesterday was good. No arguing. "A" liked my Tulip Bowl but agreed with me that my BBQ Salad Bowl lacks focus and has no lights and darks. All medium. I used to be "excellent" at contrast. What happened???? "A" also liked the Wasabi fabric I painted but didn't know what wasabi was so the *reference* was lost on her.

Speaking of Lost. I thought we were supposed to get more answers yesterday. We didn't get any. Last week was super exciting and then this week another dud. The TopChef reunion show was hilarious. All that "peacock" behaviour. Good thing the knives were packed up. And Tiffani. Dave should have slapped her when she tried to take his tee shirt gift away from him. I mean really. The host said "Dave, we had this made for you" and as she hands it to him, Tiffani jumps up and grabs it, saying, 'I want it". She should change her name to "Bitch" and be done with it.

Tonight is Survivor. Will Terry the Pilot make it to the final three? Will Danielle? Then we have to wait till Sunday for the two hour finale. Oh, I can hardly wait to see if Cirie can go to the top without doing any of the challenges, hardly any work---just smiling her way to a million dollars. If they had been listening to me--and they never do---they would have voted her out in the first week when she was "afraid of leaves". Well, she has *outwitted*, *outlasted*, and we'll see if she has *outplayed*. I think she may just win. Too bad they didn't send her to Exile Island. Now that would have been good tv.

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