Friday, May 05, 2006

Journal Pages- Vacation

All of these images are clickable for a larger view. I'm not sure what I wrote but it can't be anymore personal than what I write here can it? I've been writing in the journal everyday. I was hesitant to do this because I had read comments all along about "morning pages" being one long whiney session. I'm not interested in whining. At least, not everyday.

Now this is the type of collage I make in my journal using scissors and a glue stick. I think the paper was from the morning USA Today the hotel gave us. After reading the paper I cut out sections with colors I liked--or graphics and just started cutting shapes and glueing them down. I repeat my new mantra---*simple*-- while doing this because the "more is better" thing is so not working for me.

This is a *map of my day*. Things didn't happen in exactly the order drawn here. I would forget about something and then insert it and try to make it all fit. After doing this, I saw that a day when I would have said---"I didn't do anything" was really a very full day of activities. I think that can be said of most days that go unrecorded.

Yesterday was my first day back to work. So tired when I got home. But I made supper. My favorite cherry tomato (frozen ones from my garden) pasta sauce and then my friend Monika in California called and we talked while she drove around and did errands. She had been to Trader Joe's to stock up on stuff for her cleaning lady. After that, I had 15 minutes before Kay called for our weekly chat while we watch Survivor. All my friends have unlimited free long distance. I don't because I live in north buttcuss six thousand feet from the end of a naval base runway (no cell service). So they call me. Works for us.

I am considering running for a town councilor office in the fall. Politics. Nasty playing field. But if nice people like me don't get involved, who is going to change things???? I'm thinking about all the ramifications. Feel free to comment.


Deb R said...

COOl journal pages! I especially love the map of your day. What a fascinating idea.

Politics? BLEAH. But as you say, we all need a better sort of person to run if we want things to get better, so more power to you if you decide to do it!

Deborah said...

Love the journal pages. Maybe I should try it. Maybe not. So what is that favorite black pen you like? And what was the book about fabric books you were commenting on? I agree -- mixed media is the way to go. I think the collages are circletastic! Especially the little line of handwriting in the botton corner. The map of your day is so creative. Very Keri Smith. And a wonderful way to record your LIFE. Politics?! You go girl! And Suvivor... um, could Terry be any hotter?

kathy said...

I'm allergic to politics...but maybe we need more levelheaded voices out there and if you're willing to do it, well, you just step to the head of the line. In the meantime, I'll just keep reading these beautiful journal pages and hoping you don't run out of time to write them...will we ever see a picture of all your bowls together? Or at least the latest one?