Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tick Doc

I spent the morning at the medical center. Having a *bullseye* bite checked--to see if it was the dreaded Lyme tick bite. Then to the lab for a Lyme panel---blood. Then to the Orthopedic doctor to made an appointment to assess the arthritis in my right hip. Geez. I'm getting to be a Geezer! The photo above is a detail shot of the jungle quilt at the library. The bullseye circles do look a bit like my bite. I took digital pictures to help me with the smaller quilt commission. I had forgotten how I made the circle flowers.

The over lighted shot of the library floral display I do every season. Mostly silks but I twist and bend the branches to make it look realistic. The *weather* conditions in the library make it very difficult to have fresh flowers or even potted flowers last longer than 3 days (optimum) so I have moved on to fake. Or green foliage. If you look closely you can see paper blossoms ala Martha the Stewart. I like whimsey.

Now I'm going to rest up after my blood test and watch television until it's time to go to work. It's still raining here in Maine so there should be exciting news photos of our under maintained roads and bridges washing out. We have the highest taxes in the nation and NOTHING gets done correctly here. The popular fix is to slap an inch or two of asphalt over all the roads and add new paint stripes. It lasts as long as the tourist season. First plow pass in the winter and the asphalt pops right out. Or the sandy soil underneath washes out and the road crumbles. We have bridges and dams ready to rip--- should be a bumpy weather week here in Maine.


Deb R said...

Damn..fingers crossed that your bug bite isn't anything evil!!!

Deborah said...

Can't we see a big picture of the stunning (Ipcar-esque) library quilt? I miss it!