Monday, May 22, 2006

Gardening On My Mind

This is my back "Stoop" where I do most of my garden thinking. I can sit here and look out and watch my husband working in the garden. I can even shout out instructions from here. He can't hear them, but I still do it. Pretty, huh?

My husband added this multi color spinning thing to the garden this morning. It's very windy today and the thing is going to spin it's way off the post and into someone else's life. South west of us.

Last year was our first garden. We had infertile sandy soil and it took 3 years to "beef " it up with cow manure, leaves, grass clippings, shredded library paper and compost. Last year we made paths and had raised beds--a wonderful garden. This year my husband is using wood he salvaged from a barn that collapsed to make raised beds. Keep the dirt from migrating into the paths. That big green, leafy stuff in the upper right is my rhubarb. Every house in Maine has a few rhubarb plants. And a lilac.

In honor of Sonji and every other homeowner who happens to live on an attractive scenic street...... the kind of street dog walkers like to visit every morning, while walking their dogs. We have a new "yuppie" development going up across the road from us. Houses , big houses, on 3/4 acre lots (they say---looks smaller to me). The sides of the houses "rub shoulders". Rather than walk their dogs in their own very compact neighborhood, they cross the busy road and walk in ours. Our big houses are on 1.4 to 4 acre lots. Lots of elbow room. Wooded areas between the houses. Big lawns. Stuff we paid good money for and like to keep clean. What we need is a big locking gate at the end of our street. Yeah. A big gate. Maybe a guard house. Maybe the National Guard. Patroling.


Elle said...

I'm with you on that sign! I think it's so disgusting of dog owners to allow their pets to do their business on other folks' lawns. UGH!

kathy said...

I love your little spot for contemplating and looking at the growing spot is where I get my energy for the rest of the day. Beside the lake. With my coffee in my favorite mug. Quiet, preferably before 5:30 and the wind.