Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Things We Do For Love

My Buddha. She/He sits on an antique table next to my front door. I tuck blooms from my garden under the front edge. I went out this morning--I'm up early for a change---and snapped a picture or two for my readers ( I think there are more than two of you). I'm up early because we are pet sitting for our daughter and she likes the cats to be fed early. We also have to go over in the evening to feed them again and visit. Last night my husband went over and fell asleep. The cats took turns sleeping on his lap.

I had one day off at the library this week---signed up for a marathon of work--and spent most of that day laying around. I did manage to pack up the set of dishes I gave away. I've been trying for years to give this cute set of dishes to someone but no takers until Wednesday of last week. I was actually trying to get rid of a sectional couch we picked up second hand in Europe and when V said she wanted the couch, I said "How about some dishes?" Hard to tell who was more giddy with delight. V or me.

My husband is working on framing the raised beds in our veggie garden with old barn wood. He has two of the eight beds done so far and I am going to plant butternut squash seeds on June 1st. ( my garden calendar says that would be the day to plant) Some of the newly planted raspberry bushes show buds. Some do not. All the blueberry bushes have buds.

Spring is later here in Maine and my tulips are just blooming. Aren't they nice? I took an overhead shot so you wouldn't see the chicken wire all around them. Deer like to eat tulips.

I'm about to make some "Famous White Biscuits" (famous cause they never get brown) for breakfast. I already made coffee and cut the grapefruit in half. We're going to read the paper, eat breakfast and see how they day will unfold. Hope your day is wonderful.

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