Sunday, May 07, 2006

Wastebasket Collage

I am just so *into* using waste basket materials for collage. Old sales receipts, those annoying postcards in magazines, and bill envelopes with cool interior printing. Here is the one I made yesterday with a glue stick, on watercolor paper (heavy, stiff watercolor paper). I usually use the glue stick in my journal with lightweight papers. On the heavy paper I like to use my "Yes!" paste. But I can't remember where I put it. So I used glue stick and there are ripples and such.

I made this one while on vacation out of those magazine postcards. I had quite a stack of them collected in just the 10 days of vacation. And there were a number of identical ones so I could do some designing with color. This is clickable for a larger view. This collage is personal. I'm going to be 60 in September and I feel like I'm looking out over a fast diminishing "future" and I want to make good choices in how I spend the last third of my life. Not that I have wasted the first two thirds. I've had a very interesting life. No complaints.

This morning on CBS Morning Show, they interviewed Paul Simon. "Still Crazy After All These Years". That's me, too. Perhaps I should rename my blog?

Yesterday was a very slow day at the library lending desk. The weather was delightful and the local ice cream stands are open for business. Mainers love ice cream. My favorite is Cote's on Maine Street. I love the strawberry. It has large chunks of berries in the ice cream. They make it themselves. I figure out how good the summer is/was by how many times I have stopped to eat ice cream. While I was at work, not working, I was thinking I should be out eating ice cream with everyone else. This paragraph sounded like Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes.

I'm going outside now to plant my 12 new raspberry bushes (they resemble small sticks with roots) and my four new blueberry bushes (more sticks) and my Wu Peng tree peony (big stick). It will be years before they actually look like fruit bearing plants. Gardeners really have to be optimistic. I may start my remaining Sun Gold tomato seeds. Last year I started too many and had a huge tangle of plants in the garden. This year I'll have too few. I feel like Goldilocks.


Rayna said...

LOVE those collages!! What a great idea (which I won't steal) for dealing with all the junk. I've been catching up on your blog and am enjoying the journals and all the artwork. Yum - berry bushes.
I WISH we had room.


I love finding things that others throw away and giving them beauty. Enjoy your wastebasket collages.You do them so well.