Saturday, May 06, 2006

Some More Pictures

Yesterday I mentioned a book in my journal pages--The Art of Fabric Books by Jan Bode Smiley and my favorite pen- Sharpie Ultra fine Point Permanent Marker. Deborah wanted to know the title and brand. Perhaps if she keeps after me, I will learn to add these particulars to the post. Maybe not. Blogger decided to place my pictures in strange places this morning and rather than try and figure out how to move them--I'm just going to "work around it".

Above we have a journal page from the trip with plans I have to do "things" to my house this spring and summer. Of course I have more plans than money or time. I do want to get the shutters painted so there is some green on the house. My house used to be pale sage green and then I got the bright idea to change the color. I had no choice after that--my across the street neighbor jumped on the chance to paint her house my old green color. I chose a color from the Martha Stewart Prison Collection. Shortbread. Now I'm sure this is a great color. In certain kinds of light, it is gorgeous. But that light doesn't occur all that often. I'm hoping that as the sun, rain, wind, and algae work on the stain it will turn into the color I wanted. We can all have hope. Right?

To the left we have an art shot of a tool kit--rachets I think. I just loved the graphic look. My friend Kay was taken aback at my choice of photo subjects. Her pictures are of people, plants or babies. I took pictures of her new sink, the inside of her fridge--so much food--and my cup of green tea mixed with lemonade--her special brew. No pictures of people. No babies. Kay has lots of grandbabies--three under 6--and they came over alot while we were there. I was always happy to see their mom come get them. The last picture I had for you got deleted somehow and I have to shower and eat breakfast and go to work so--another time.

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kathy said...

I was in Boston yesterday at my favorite paper store on Boyleston St (The Paper Source) and I actually picked up the exact book your talking about, but didn't feel like I could buy it at that moment...shoulda.