Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Latest Work?

This is my latest collage. I got a stack of magazines which had colored pages of text. I like using blocks of text as a texture and the color is an added feature. The "three" is not part of the collage--but now that I see the two together--I'm liking it. The three is for the booksale banner. Every year the dates have to be changed on the over the street banner. This year I thought I would try changing it myself. Yeah. I'm such an optimist.

Work at the library today and tomorrow and then I have the evening feeding shift at Chez Cat. I just got the "using the door key" tutorial. It's an old house and an old door.

My political future isn't looking good. In order to "run", I must stop working at the library. The library is funded by the Town, so I am technically a "town employee" and therefore cannot run for office. I had lunch with a friend yesterday and when I told her this she said, "well, you certainly can't stop working at the library." She is correct. I LOVE working there. Have you ever had that kind of job. Where, the instant you began working, you knew this was "your place"? My favorite part of the library (other than the books) is the people I see there (most of them) and the wonderful conversation we have during the day. The homeless and the mentally ill are not my favorite part of the library situation but I can get past that most of the time.

I'm reading the latest Jennifer Cruisie book "Don't Look Down". It would have benefited from more editing. One scene goes from morning to night to sunset in a few paragraphs. I don't enjoy reading a book that no one took the time to read for mistakes. So now we have authors who don't read their books, chef's who don't taste the food (TopChef), and Survivors who don't know how to start a fire. I guess I expect too much.


kirsty said...

LOVE the collage! That's great. I have a new found love of magazine pages, but I've been avoiding text - I try to cut so that the images are unidentifiable blocks of colour. I think I'll stop avoiding it now!

Deborah said...

Yes yes yes, I also like the 3. City life in Maine is very different from city life in Dallas!