Thursday, May 04, 2006

So Happy To Be Home

I had a few photos in the camera but not that interesting. This is from my journal. I wrote in it every day and some days I even got around to making a collage from whatever was handy. The only supplies I brought with me---glue stick, scissors and my favorite black pens. So this uses receipts, newspaper graphics and envelope lining.

I took along some of my painted fabric cut in various width strips and a few pieces of commercial fabric "go withs" also cut up. When Kay and I eventually had a day--yes, only ONE day--to work on fabric things, I made several log cabinish shapes and Lordy! they came together into this. No trimming. Can you just *not* believe it? Of course I don't have a clue what to do with it now. About 24 by 36 inches.

A Camelia bloom. In Kay's garden. In Georgia, the spring blooms are gone and the Iris have gone by also and all the flowering trees have flowered. It was in the 80's most days.

We burned brush and logs and roots and vines for two days straight. That fire was HOT! And my husband installed two storm/screen doors, one air conditioner, a sink, faucet and disposal. Everything works. Only one or two leaks and they were dry when we left. He really is a Helpful Hardware Man. Good thing he works for ACE. We also planted one bush and four dogwood trees. But it's fun to do these things with friends and be helpful.

Kay and I did get to shop in four quilt stores. Now that I am starting to "paint my own" the commercial stuff wasn't that thrilling. I did purchase a small stack and one book. I also made my monthly "bowl" quilt which, as usual, does not have much contrast. Why am I stuck in the mid tones? So I will get out my trusty paints and make the background lighter. I think this time I was limited by the small amount of fabric I had with me.

The *bowl* is full of Barbeque Salad. Lettuce topped with barbeque pork, cheese and tomatoes. I used the house sauce as my "dressing". Died and gone to heaven. We actually consumed barbecue most days. I have the stains on my clothes' fronts to prove it. And I am nearly a vegetarian. A lapsed one when I get near barbeque, I guess.

I was so happy to sleep in my own bed last night. In the complete darkness. No nightlights or floodlights shining on the windows (why do hotels do this?). And I won't even discuss the strange sight that woke me in the middle of the night at Tricia's brand new lake house in North Carolina. I thought it was a ghostie but calmed myself down into thinking it was a projection device showing Winnie the Pooh. It could also have been the two bottles of wine we drank. Or the moonlight????

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