Monday, May 08, 2006

Too Much

This is my 100th post. Wow. I have been thinking. Now that we have the internet and instant gratification in chatting with people, learning things, seeing other people's work--is it too much? My work gets very confused when I have been blog surfing. I have all these images and ideas rumbling around in my head--I even see little slide shows inside my head as I am falling asleep (does that happen to you?) Is this why other ring members take "blog vacations"?

I have to keep chanting "make it simple" or "make it clean" when I paint or design a piece. I'm unconsciously trying to do too many of the new things I've been exposed to on the blogs. Makes me remember that the great Impressionist movement was created without very much communication between the artists. I see. I want. Not always the best way to make good art.

Right now I feel fragmented. Painted fabric. Paper collages. Watercolor fruits or vegetables. Acrylic canvases. The written word in my journals. One leads to the other. So I am doing a number of things---and not very well.

I liked it best this winter. My red pear waiting for me each morning. My salad plate with blobs of watercolors. My canning jar of water. My pad of paper. After breakfast, I would paint my red pear. Then go on with my day.

For a while, the morning writing in my journal was a good start. But then I began to add a small collage every once in awhile. Then some altered photographs. Then some colored pencils. Then some water soluable oil pastels. Then some erasers made into stamps. I wasn't chanting "simple" loud enough. And now I'm to the point that nothing satisfies for long. And I am always looking. For the "new".

Too Much.


Karoda said...

umm, you might have clarified something for i am thinking i'm understimulated, uninspired and thus the lull i've had for months...but maybe i'm overstimulated and can't focus????? but its really not the blogs, but just too much with life in general.

Micki said...

I can really relate to what you are saying about too much stimulation and wanting to try everything. I can't even start one process without seeing another and wanting to try it, but the thing is then I just don't even attempt to do anything because everything seems to get all jumbled up in my head.