Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Nutz and Boltz

This is an example of the type of vacation photo I come home with. I just like the way it looks. I'm tired today, so no charming post. I worked, I ate left over Chinese last night and then I watched television. House and a repeat Criminal Intent ( Law & Order). Today I have a lunch date with "A" of the little art group I sort of belong to. Readers may remember that the last time we met--months ago--things didn't go so well. Am I a glutton for punishment or what???

Yesterday was slow at work but quite interesting in quilt content. First, the owner of one of my quilts came in to ask if she could "exchange" the quilt she had bought for another. This was interesting. She had always liked the smaller quilt but said her husband didn't care for it--so she purchased a larger, more complicated one. Both flowers. I don't want any one to own a quilt they don't care for--so I agreed to the exchange. Her reason--she is moving from her large home into a smaller "retirement" condo.

Second, another patron came in with a newly framed piece for a graduation gift. It was something she had started in a Crazy Quilt class I had given ages ago. Two of my quilt chapter members hadn't finished their small samplers and I offered to complete the embroidery work for them. So after all those years, here was handwork I had done, framed and looking very beautiful. I knew I had done it but it was difficult to go back to that time. I was very honored to have my work become a college graduation gift to a gifted needlepointer. Hope she likes it.

Third. I have been "teaching" a fellow library staff member to quilt. Between patrons we will discuss technique, stitches, placement et all. So this new quilter has made wall hangings, a king size bed quilt ( with an emergency call on New Years Day, 2005---her first attempt to machine quilt. I remember her 10 year old son saying "she's been in the chocolate", as a warning to me), several baby quilts, a quilt for her Mom and one for her father's second wife.

Finally, she wanted to try hand applique. I found a pattern of flowers and leaves with simple rounded shapes for a first project. We sat in her kitchen on a snowy morning working on the first block. She is a perfectionist. Hand applique the first few blocks can be a serious challenge for a perfectionist. So for the past year or two, she has been making a block every once in a while. Last night (while we were working) I got to see the finished quilt top. Four by five, so 20 appliqued flowers, sashing and a border. Perfectly done. And she tells people I am her teacher. Has nothing to do with me. Well, I do encourage her. And compliment her work. That's important. Now she wants to hand quilt. So we will learn to do that together--since I have never hand quilted a bed quilt.

Both of my library staff students have made lovely bed quilts. I have not. Isn't that odd? I do have a king size pieced top, basted (by the three of us) but as yet--not quilted. I do enjoy basting quilts with these two new quilters. Makes me remember why I love the process.

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