Thursday, May 25, 2006

Some Things I'm Thinking About

:: Had lunch with a friend whose mom is in the first stages of vascular dementia. When do you step in and take away her freedom? And if she lives far away and you are afraid to call--and find out what? She talked and I ate my lunch.

:: Why have I borrowed so many good books to read and so little time to read them?

:: If I lie and tell my husband it was raining and I couldn't cut the grass --- would that be a really bad thing to do?

:: My neighbor across the street has squirrels in the walls of her kitchen. They are getting into the house somehow and have gotten into the spaces between the wall studs. The scratching (loud) is about to drive her insane. Orkin wants $325 to set traps for two weeks with no guarantees. In other words, Orkin doesn't want to catch any squirrels.

:: The last of the four library volunteers I so patiently trained last month, called to quit this morning at 8:45. So on my day off I shelved all the returned magazines and one full cart of non-fiction.

:: I finally broke down and went to the grocery store. On Tuesday I had macaroni and cheese (Target's boxed set) and yesterday a bowl of reheated, leftover rice. There was nothing but saltines and butter for supper tonight if I didn't go buy something. I was nodding as I read Aunt Purl's grocery adventures. I came home with sweet corn, cereal, pizza dough, cheese, cherry tomatoes, milk and peach ice cream. Is there a meal there???? I think I was going for pizza. the trifecta of carbohydrate meals. Macaroni, rice, dough. My husband isn't home.

:: I turned in one of the reference assistants who worked Saturday. She brought a small tv to work and watched the Red Sox game. Unprofessional Conduct Unbecoming To The Library Profession. The head reference librarian was upset. Then she started laughing. It is pretty funny.

:: A friend is having a fabric garage sale tomorrow. Do I go and buy stuff? Do I stay away?

:: Do I make pizza now? Later? Have beer with it even if I'm home alone?


kathy said...

I NEVER have a problem having a glass of wine with my boxed, or homemade, dinner all by myself...maybe I should worry, but well, it's my 'guilty' pleasure...some people have ice cream or make HOMEMADE CARAMEL SAUCE.. but wine is mine.

Deb R said...

When my husband is gone, my suppers tend to be things like a bowl of cereal or some microwave popcorn. :-)

Rayna said...

Yes, you have a beer with the pizza - esp. if you are alone. When my husband is not home for dinner, I cook something special for myself, full of Indian spices.
When I'm away, he eats fast food.

Sonji Hunt said...

You were a good friend to listen while your pal talked about her Mom. My Mother had vascular dementia, also. My friends listened to me endlessly. I love them eternally because who really wants to hear all that, you know.

The last time I was home alone, I ordered myself some Thai food and drove 13 miles to get it. It was tasty and I'm glad I did it. Pizza is also a very good choice.