Sunday, February 05, 2017

Words To Live By

I am just recovering from a meltdown of sorts regarding the picture file for this blog.  It wouldn't open as I had "clicked" a few times in the wrong places.  I have been drinking coffee with caffeine.
I usually drink decaf.  G opened it and it worked.  I don't know why it worked for him but--hey, I'm happy.

My lung doctor recommended a shot of caffeine if I was ever in distress (breathing) and didn't have my rescue inhaler.  So........I thought I would try regular ingestions of caffeine to see if it opened/relaxed my breathing apparatus.  It does.  In and out breaths are easier and deeper.

I am a bit (ha) busier than usual.  But I only have caffeine early in the day.  So, sleeping is okay.
I don't feel jittery.  Just very alert, talking faster, always looking for something to do.  Sitting still isn't as enjoyable as it usually was on decaf.  On decaf, I could happily SIT all day and into the evening.

Perhaps my weight problem is actually a "sitting too much" problem?????

I have a loaf of banana bread in the oven.  Was going to use the bananas to make elimination diet sand muffins but G seemed pretty enthused about regular banana bread.  I added some chocolate chips.  I think I will also be making some homemade Larabar rip off snack balls for my daughter. Chocolate Mint.  She'll like those for a Valentine snack.  And she is probably reading this.

I was "tidy-ing" one of the lower kitchen cabinets (slide out drawer) and I found two All Clad pans. Didn't know I owned either of them.  One looks pretty useful and is now out in the open on the rolling shelf rack--think restaurant supply. I decided to use the new- mostly empty drawer to store empty canning (Ball) jars--instead of in the garage.  They get dirty in the garage. Now the empty jars will be "handy" for storing leftover soup broth etc.

This 'tidy-ing" is proving to be quite helpful to me.  And the amount of stuff going to Goodwill is always a positive factor.  I am also "finding" so many things I thought I had-- 1. Lost.  2. Given away.
3.  Never owned but wanted to buy.  4.  Had no memory of ever buying or owning.

Case in point:  Lovely glass canning jars with clamp on glass lids AND the rubber gaskets.  A whole box of them in three sizes.  I'm thinking I found them in my Dad's house after he died.  Brought them home while still in mourning and deep in estate work, and promptly forgot them.

The little half pint ones are so cute.  Oh, buzzer--- the bread is done.

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