Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Reading Until Four In The Morning

Riley likes to chase deer out of the yard.  But he barks.  So they are long gone before he can get to them.  Not as many deer as in the first years we lived here.  But that was before we fenced in a vegetable garden.

My milk jugs tipped over.  Mostly (sadly) the Native Maine Perennials.  Sigh.  Well, I can "fix" them so will have to hope for a "native" and "natural" germination inside the mixed up jugs.  The soil all clumped to one side.  Who knows where the tiny seeds are now---top, bottom, midsection.

Reading.  I started Cold Dish.  Could. Not. Stop.  Read into the wee hours of morning.  I don't feel tired.  Feel rather perky in fact.  I'll crash and burn later in the afternoon.  The first book in the Longmire series and the plot hints at all the stories to come.  I mean this first book actually has the plot lines of all the books right there in book one.  Not the murders.  But the character plot lines. It's like having your palm read.  You get the general idea of what's coming.  There were a few "facts" in book one that would have helped me quite a bit while reading the other books.

One was that Walt's wife was merely "fond" of him.  In the Longmire Netflix series, Walt is carrying the torch for his beloved (but murdered) wife most of the time.  But I guess he could have loved her--it just wasn't mutual.  Also, Lucien's nephew (Branch in the Netflix series) is Turk in the book and a royal pain in the butt who moves on to the Highway patrol and is never heard from again in the books.

 Today's Purchase: G purchased the wrong mouthwash.  So Today's Purchase will be a return and then a purchase of zero alcohol mouthwash.

I have finished off all the food that was "just mine" in the fridge.  I had the last of the roasted beets for dinner last night.  And today G wants me to get busy eating the vanilla yogurt before it expires (how would you know?).  I made some hummus to eat with all the carrots in the fridge.  I went a bit crazy buying carrots.  I also have salad to eat.  And eat.  And eat.

Today's Smoothie:  Not making one and having a big salad instead.  I could throw all the salad parts into the Vitamix and make a green smoothie.  But green tastes best with pineapple and I don't have one right now.  I could add it to Today's Purchase.

Yesterday's Missed Opportunity:  I didn't know we were marching for "Not My President" on President's Day.  I want a shirt that says this.  Are they available????

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