Monday, February 06, 2017

Using My Car to Print Intaglio Plates

I saw something on another blog and I will be going to fetch it--to show you--as soon as I am reminded as to where it is located.  If I am remembering it correctly it is opposite of this photo.  The flowers are made up of millions of black French knots and the background in a dirty white.  Sort of like intaglio.  And I love intaglio.  I was very good at making etching plates in college.  An A grade for every semester I took intaglio printing.

IF buying a press was something the average person could do and if having the very toxic and hard to clean up inks around was not a danger to my lungs then the acids for etching etc would be.  I had wondered, in a MacGyver sort of way if I could print etchings by driving my car tires over the plate and paper and blanket layers--- many many times to pull a good print.

This is how my mind works.

Instead I think I will use fabric and make French knots and see how it goes. I will use a black, white and washed out grey white for the colors.

Today I had a coffee date with my walking buddy.  Too cold out for me to walk.  My lungs react badly to breathing in cold air.  To cheer myself up, I purchased a chocolate croissant.  Yummy. And so full of chocolate--not like the skimpy one I got at Whole Foods.  Right here in my town.  Now to see how long I can stay away from them..........

I went to look for the other image and I don't have it.

We finished watching the "explicit" variation of Good Behavior from TNT.  Why are the cable networks so stuck on 10 episodes per season????  Now we wait until November I guess for season two.  "Explicit" was much like listening to my work colleagues talking to each other.  The language and subject matter is/was shocking for my ancient ears.  But, sadly, familiar.

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