Friday, February 03, 2017

Old Family Photos

I have a cabinet full and a dresser drawer full.  The ones in the cabinet are family photos of my family of four plus friends.  The dresser drawer is full of pictures from my childhood.  My estranged brother (now deceased) sent me a large package full of family photos ripped out of albums.  Why? I have no idea.

Now, in the tidy-ing process, photos and such come last.  Because, by then, is hoped you have learned what you need to keep and you you don't need. I don't envy myself this future chore.  It will be as emotionally difficult as it was to empty my father's home after he died.

Winter is going slowly.  As usual.  The carpenter arrived along with a plumber and a tile and floor guy.  The electrician was a no-show.  The price tag (only an estimate) was staggering.  I don't have millionaire tastes but it seems--here in Maine--even ordinary is too expensive.  Demo of the first bathroom--perhaps by the end of the month.  Plus, idiot that I am, I added in the entrance foyer. New tile floor (easy to wash and sweep) and a new door.  And some insulation.

But, hey, now that the Banks are going to be free to do as they please--- better spend it before they steal it........aka the Recession of 2008.  Financial advisors for your retirement accounts can freely steal your money with no problems.  Dodd/Frank.  Look it up.  Goldman Sacks. Big Liars.

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Life Scraps and Patches said...

I called Senator McConnell about this earlier today. Absolutely amazing. Every day brings something new. It's too chaotic to keep up with. And one of my state senators introduced a bill that there be no permit or class required for concealed carry. Anyone eighteen or older could carry a gun.