Friday, February 24, 2017

Riley- Under The influence

Riley is such a "delicate" dog.  The Vet thinks he may be "normal" by Saturday.  Yesterday he spent the day making this odd squeaking noise--we thought it might be pain related.  It wasn't.  Just annoying said the Vet.  He squeaked throughout the Vet visit.

Riley went for a walk.  Decided mid-day to eat something.  Then ate the remainder of his meals. Took a very long nap--no squeaking.  And then at 10:30 pm vomited twice--once on a hand hooked wool rug and once on the hardwood floor.  Vast amounts.  Incredible volume.

And he barked.

Hadn't barked since he got home form the ultra sound.  Not even for the backing up oil truck.  Or the FedEx man.  No more squeaking.  Now out for another walk.  Snow on the ground is melting.  50 degrees up here in Maine.  For a couple days.  Squishy.

I have a container outdoors.  Ready to dye fabric scrunched with Procion dry dyes sprinkled over and then topped with a shovel full of snow.  It's been 24 hours.  I could wait longer as the snow hasn't melted all the way even though yesterday it was 50 degrees and didn't go to freezing over night.  I would think the dyes would just quit working after awhile but I could be wrong as I haven't ever used them.  Too intimidated.  Any ideas on when to see what happened in the tub?  Where do I pour out the snow water and dyes?  I'm on septic.

I am "tidying" the dry goods cupboard.  An antique walnut cupboard I purchased long ago.  It might be over 100 years old now.  We added shelves (but didn't change the structure) and I use it as a pantry.  I had stuff from my Atkins Diet days.  Ground almond flour from 2012.  Now in the compost bucket.  I am looking at expiration dates.  Sorting and gathering things that "go together" and thinking of recipes I might make with the stuff.  If no recipes come to mind--less likely to stay in the cupboard.

I dropped off a hexagon block Grandmother's Garden quilt for the library to use in a Hexagon display. It's original and hand quilted.  Now I am wondering if some antique buff will try and steal it?  I gave safe instructions for the hanging of it.  So it won't get "stressed".  Guess what--in searching for a hexagon in my stack of antique quilts--- I had no idea (none at all) that I even owned this one.  And it is very nice indeed.  One inch hexes.  And from what I learned--not worth much anymore.  I tried to sell two other vintage ones last winter and the possible buyers wanted them to "cut up into pillows" for retail sales and wanted to pay as little as possible for the "yardage" as they put it.  Sad.

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Annie said...

Poor Riley, hope all is well with him, wishing all the best!
Ooh, that hexie quilt sounds lovely. I really like antique quilts and have a few.