Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Found That Second Dandelion Picture

Yesterday it snowed most of the day.  Light fluffy snow.  Not heavy wet snowman snow.  And now we are waiting for the extra-ordinary (for February in Maine) rain and 50 degrees which will melt everything for a few hours before the Thursday storm drops 12 inches of snow on us. If things work out in the worst possible way (likely)--the wet rain will freeze before it snows.  So that we get the maximum potential for slick, ice covered streets and roads.  Have  I mentioned recently how much I hate ice.  I'll take however much snow that we can get (dry wells this summer) but someone else can have the ice.  Someone who needs ice for ice houses and skating.

I made a second bowl of powdered sugar lemon juice icing for my gingerbread cake.  Still not enough sweet to go with the dense molasses cake.  And even the 4 T of fresh grated ginger is smothered in the molasses.  I don't like molasses.  It tastes old, muddy and even burnt to me.  It was a fresh jar. Next time I make this cake (to get it right) I am using dark corn syrup.  Now that I have ruined a very promising cake and before that a very promising pot of yellow eye baked beans with traditional molasses--I am done.  If a recipe calls for molasses--I'm not making it.

I sorted my 5 a Day items on the pantry shelves yesterday.  I took all the Larabars out of their boxes and now have them in a nice one gallon jar.  I also put all the raw almonds into another jar.  I moved more clean empty jars to the drawer next to the stove.  I still have more nuts and dried fruits to organize.  Or use to make more Larabar knockoff balls.  All this organizing filled up the recycle bucket with cardboard etc.  I am also shredding mail etc and have a nice bag of paper for the compost pile plus a very large and very dead poinsettia which has dropped all it's leaves on the couch.

I looked through my bags of wool yarn and don't have the right "width?" for doing a small not-hooked rug.  I kind of enjoyed the repair work on my friends rug and was thinking of making something if I actually had everything I needed here in the house.  I don't.  And I refuse to buy any supplies anywhere but Goodwill.  Perhaps in the "sweet spot" of 50 degrees today I can get out of the house and see what sort of yarn is available.  I threw bleach on a few black fabrics I found in the attic--no luck getting white.  All of them bleach to rusty orange.  I got white on the very first black I ever tried this on-- what a gorgeous piece to work with--years ago.  I have all the pieces I made with it--still wonderful to look at.  That black came for a scrap pile at my quilt guild meeting. UFO.

Well, I've been up a long time--and still haven't had breakfast.  Riley wants to go out to get the paper.

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Paula, the quilter said...

The term for yarn is "weight". You can combine two or more yarns together to get the right weight. In order from smallest weight it goes: lace, fingering, sport, do, worsted/Aran, chunky, super bulky and jumbo. If you already have some yarn combine two strands to see if it will work for you. HTH.