Monday, February 27, 2017

Mending & Moving Forward

Yesterday I packed up my favorite cashmere pullover (the one with the newly discovered hole in the sleeve) and got the salt crusted car out of the garage and drove (yes, me driving) to Joann's for something to use to attach the patch to the sweater.

I worked my way through the entire working staff of employees.  None, but the last one, knew anything about the yarn wall.  The commonality of answers were "it's all mixed together".  Wool? All mixed in with the others.  Sock yarn?  All mixed in and we don't have much of it.  Thin yarn?  Mixed in with the others.  My right eye started to twitch.

Finally they went to the cutting table and called over a Veteran.  B and I decided--since it was cashmere, that the best solution was a very large patch, on the outside, not inside and attached with a very tiny buttonhole stitch.  Then we went looking for a spool of thread that would be invisible. Perfect match.  We were successful.  The large patch covers the hole and the entire "worn, thin etc" spot.  B (the veteran) decided it was best to make a patch look like a patch.  Go Big.

I had been thinking "wabi sabi".  But that would have merely looked LUMPY. I am rethinking the patches I installed (awful) in the off white cashmere turtleneck.  I can go "big" with a buttonhole stitch.

Sunday didn't go as planned.  No meals were served.  No takeout. Panini grilled cheese sandwiches.  I watched Longmire on Netflix until Netflix shut down service at 9 pm.  About 6 episodes.  I think it was a TiVo problem but the entire television was acting up.  So then we started reading our books.  Then we had dessert.  G had coffee and banana bread and I had three chocolate covered grahams, tea and two Benadryl.  My eyes were itching. (the atmosphere in the living room "felt" and"smelled" dusty and I am allergic to dust.

G is working today pruning apple trees.  The Redwings are looking to make nests so it's time to prune apple trees here in Maine.  Riley has gone along as my friend, the Boss, is bringing her dog.  Big property on the Kennebec.  Lots of space to run and bark.

I planted the soaked peas seeds to make little "salad shoots" and G brought three of the potted Clivia downstairs--the three have flower stalks coming along.  Don't want to  miss out on the pretty flowers this year.  I am trying to decide on the timing to start my jar of bean sprouts for the March 8th class. I asked G to bring home some branches from the apple trees to use for an Easter Tree.

I haven't had an Ester Tree here in the house in YEARS.  While upstairs looking for yarn for my sweater and commercial hand dyed fabrics--I found the box of German Easter Tree Ornaments. Now to find out when Easter arrives.


Life Scraps and Patches said...

You are in luck - Easter is late this year - April 16. Plenty of time for that tree!

Susan Sawatzky said...