Friday, February 10, 2017

These Charming Primrose Say Spring To Me

Even when we are 12 inches deep in snow and the full moon is making it seem colder than 15 degrees.  Another storm coming.  We are into a 6 week cycle of storms and 50 degree days.  Up, Down, Repeat.

My friend brought over the Native Maine seed packets I ordered.  And the Winter weather will co-operate for once and provide cold and snow for the stratification process.  One of the seeds-Boneset--takes two full years to actually germinate.  I wonder if I have the patience.

I have four more Longmire books ordered from various libraries around the State Of Maine.  Let it snow!  I also got rid of the remaining Gingerbread Cake.  And mine didn't taste like hers because she used candied ginger and I use fresh grated ginger.  Quite a bit of difference.

I purchased a warm, just baked, Sourdough Boule after acupuncture.  And a bunch of kale, some lettuce and some cheese.  Also some buttermilk to use in a loaf or two of Irish soda Bread with Cognac soaked raisins.  I'm thinking of serving it to the class I'm teaching on Saturday.  Or to employees on Valentine's Day.  Working then also.  Who needs it most??????

Acupuncture.  I am really getting something out of it.  Today I saw colors again--only they were swirling like in the cosmos.  Mostly cobalt blue today.  That's a good "cleansing" color in Chinese medicine I gather.  Removing toxins.  I am feeling less "toxic" after every visit.  Smiling more-- and at peace with myself, my life and just about everything.

G filled the bird feeders. Birds are really packing in the seeds right now--trying to stay warm.  We are trying to stay warm, too.

I discovered the elbow portion of my best-est favorite grey cashmere sweater has a big hole  and a very thin spot.  I was beyond sad.  I never expect my favorite stuff to wear out.  I did purchase another (almost the same grey) cashmere sweater at Goodwill this summer--only it had ¾ sleeves.  So I am thinking of cutting off a sleeve and using that to patch the worn out and hole-y elbow.  Until I found that sweater in the bottom of the sweater drawer--I was thinking of buying a cashmere men's sock.  Using that.  And saving the second sock for the other sleeve.  Now I am thinking of making the donor sweater into a sleeveless VEST SWEATER.  How cute would that be?  I would feel so Metro.

I will be visiting the internet to see how to cut and sew cashmere knits so they don't unravel. If any of my crafty Readers have hints---please share and "Save the Sweater".

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Paula, the quilter said...

Look up how to steek a sweater.