Monday, February 13, 2017

And It Snowed For 24 Hours

We  (G) are digging out.  I tried helping with the front porch and the back stoop.  But my asthma kept me from completing either job.  Riley got hit in the head with my shovel as I turned into him.  He forgave me and then expected a treat.  I had none.  The lack of the treat was more of an insult to his gentle sensitivities than the wack in the head.

I like to have the spaces in front of doors cleared--in case we need to make an emergency exit.

We are having plow trucks going down the street.  Riley is like a three year old human.  Truck!!!! Truck!!!!!! and he needs to "go out"  and see it.  Then he needs to pee.  A bit difficult in 24 inch or deeper drifts.  So he has to "circle his wagons" and make a spot for his business.

I don't think anything is open today here in Maine.  No newspaper.  No mail.  No school.  No work (for my daughter) and they were kind enough to cancel Monday work on Sunday morning so employees wouldn't have to worry about shoveling out and road conditions on Monday.

Tomorrow I go into work and "help" out with Valentine's Day plant selections and phone orders. I will also do some re-potting if customers buy plants and pots.  I think a potted flowering plant with roots is a far nicer gift that cut flowers.  Lasts longer and brings more cheer to a Winter season.

My paperwhites are in blossom right now--shorter than usual due to a generous glug of Russian vodka.  Real Russian vodka.  And they aren't as fragrant (stinky) as usual.  Very nice.

My amaryllis that over-summered in the garden (and then were left to dry out and then repotted indoors) are making leaves.  So still alive.  But they aren't making any flowers yet.  If I remember correctly, most of them made flowers while in the vegetable garden bed.  Lots of whites and a few pink and red.  It's possible none of them will flower in the house.  The geraniums up in the 40 degree extra attic bedroom are still making flowers.  Leaves are green.  I am remembering to water them whenever I go up there searching for yarn, solid cottons or fabric to send to Connie.  I am even watering the Clivia.  Leaves are nice.  No flower stems.  The orchids in the bathtub are nice and healthy--no flowers stems.  Cymbidium.  A gift from a fellow gardener.

The two fig trees are up there also.  40 degrees and they aren't getting watered.  I don't want them to "break bud" too early.  Last year they did and had leaves and were looking splendid and I had them out on the front porch and we had a sudden overnight freeze.  I am not making that stupid mistake again.  Put the fig ripening too late and most stayed green.  No preserves.

I have milk jugs to plant with seeds.  I have a vegetable seed order to call in.  Looking forward to better weather and summer.  Snow is the best fertilizer for the garden.  The sun is shining. It's all good.

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