Saturday, February 25, 2017

Tidying Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

Going thru your things.  Deciding.  Like "Sophie's Choice"--which beloved item stays and which goes.  It was easy with the pantry cupboard.  Use by dates are a pretty good indicator of who goes and who stays.

People probably have an unseen genetic "use by" date.  Someday we will know what day that is and live accordingly.  Use the good silver everyday and give away the stainless.  Use the good china. Wear the good underwear any time we want. Live our lives totally different from the way we do--thinking we have forever.... (My weekly acupuncture is driving the introspection--cleaning out and discarding expired emotions and past mistakes)

Anyway, the pantry is done.  And the next to the sink supplies cupboard has been cleaned up.  I thought the placemat and napkin drawers were finished but they seem to have disorganized themselves---- or replicated the discarded items.

The linen closet and the bathroom supplies cupboard are next.

I have finished reading all the Longmire books.  The newest one will be available in September 2017.
I am feeling like my best friend unfriended me.  If I don't return to work pretty soon--I will start watching the television series of Longmire on Netflix.  I've seen them already but I'll be happy to watch all five seasons again.

My ice dyeing wasn't a great success.  The fabrics all look muddy and faded.  Dirty colors.  I will return to painting fabric with cheap acrylic paints.  They don't wash out or fade or look dirty.  If washed, they aren't even stiff.  Once the dyed stuff is dry, I'll go back in with acrylics and darken, brighten areas.  Next time, I will just put the dye and fabric in sandwich bags and let it sit in the snow.

I will need to go back upstairs and find the box of hand dyed fabrics I collected/purchased.

Today's Purchase:  Well, delivery-- by post office.  My two new sweaters.  I hope I don't hate  them.

Today's Smoothie: will be made using the Turmeric tubers.  Fresh pineapple, lemon or orange, mango and 2 inches of peeled fresh turmeric.  I can add ginger and black peppercorns if I want.

Today's Gardening: I have soaked peas that I am going to plant to grown pea sprouts for the gardening indoors class I am teaching at the library in March.  I also have  the root end of a bunch of celery growing in a little glass jar.  And some sprouted onions growing in a small amount of water.  The root end of a head of Romaine wasn't fresh enough to grow.  I have to try again with another. I didn't buy any scallions yesterday at the grocery to try grown the root ends in water.

Today's Baking:  A very large pan of "Almost French" Granola for my daughter.  It's really Mueslix. I had the list of ingredients with me yesterday so I could get them after acupuncture. It's granola with chocolate chips.  Seems she can have it on Eat to Live.  I had to find the "good kind" of chocolate chips--sugar and additive free and organic oats, almonds and coconut flakes.

Today's Visit To The Attic:  Commercial dyed fabrics and watering the geraniums, Clivia and the Cymbidium orchids overwintering in the 40 degree, sun filled upstairs bedroom/bath. Also hoping something up there has decided to produce a flowering stem.  Talking to you Clivia and Orchid.

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