Sunday, February 12, 2017

Winter Storm Approaching

Last call to get out to the grocery store, gas station (for generator gas) and, in my case, the library if it was open today.  It isn't.

We are set to get TWO  FEET of snow today and some freezing rain.  Power outages are a sure thing.
I have a Bundt Cake in the oven.  Double dark chocolate with Kahlua.  No nuts this time.  In fact, I am crossing them off the recipe as I don't want to make that mistake a second time.  Like finding small pebbles in your cake.

I have 1/3rd of a Longmire book to read.  Others have been ordered but haven't arrived for pickup.  Here in Maine I use the interlibrary loan system.  Our Town Library doesn't seem as interested in "keeping" books.  They buy new and get rid of any book that hasn't been checked out in 5 years.  Now, If, like me, you discover an author late. .......well, other more book loving libraries in the state will provide.

So, I think I will go looking for a sewing project or I can begin "thinking" about how to repair my sweater's sleeve.......a Reader has sent me a link to a possible solution.  I need to study the pictures. And see if I can work out what they are doing--I do not know knitting language and words.  I am still stunned that my favorite sweater in the whole world has a hole in it.

Buzzer going off.  Cake is ready to be poked to see if it's done.

I may not have electricity to fire up the computer for awhile.  But I'll report back as soon as I can.  My boss called me at home (surprise) to see if I was going to show up for work on Tuesday.  I said YES!!!  He said "GREAT--We need your cheerfulness" (smiling)

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Life Scraps and Patches said...

Cake during the storm, great idea. Cozy. And books. I might feel a bit guilty about our 54 degrees and sunny, but just a little.