Thursday, January 26, 2017

What Makes Any Bad Day Better?


We'll be eating more Spaghetti than usual in the coming weeks and months.  Especially if we accidentally watch the national news.

Tomorrow we are going to the movies.  Two months after it's national release date--our Town Regal finally is showing Arrival.  About a visit from a space alien.  I am always astonished by the choices made by local businesses.  I thought we had missed it.

We visited Goodwill today.  I am doing the 5 A Day thing.  Eliminating five things that are not needed in my household.  We took five large bags.  Things from the hall closet like scarves and hats. Things from the office closet like paper, cartridges, keyboards.  Even a motorized car (toy). The assorted Palm pilots are a problem as G can't get them powered up so we can clean them of any info. Our son will be able to tell us how to remove the memory.

It didn't add to the 5 A Day collection but I also organized my class handouts (the ones Riley didn't chew up because he had to stay home).  They are now all in the storage container that we used to store the dollhouse furniture.

The dollhouse furniture is back in the dollhouse.  Along with a few long strips of "floor boards" we were going to install like hardwood in the dollhouse.  The dollhouse was a Christmas gift back in the 1970's in Chicago.  A build it yourself project. The little family of dolls was purchased on a snowy afternoon in Vienna in the 1980's.  The day I didn't get run over by a streetcar.  I started to step off the curb and then leaned back--just in time.  So...lots of memories. The children's bedroom furniture was purchased in Bavaria. The kitchen pots and pans in the snowy mountains of Italy.

How do you eliminate any of that from your household?

We "binge" watched 5 episodes of Good Behavior.  I had no idea it was so good.  I had to use Xfinity and the bad language wasn't muted.

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