Wednesday, January 11, 2017

New Crown

On my tooth not my head.

I haven't chewed food on that side of my molars in quite awhile.  Doing so again--feels strange.  Not the new crown but the tooth right in front of the new crown.  I don't think my jaws are closing straight (that has always been an issue).  A bit of contact and a scrape.  G says "call" but other than the jaw closing incorrectly--the new crown is problem free.

The dentist poked my uncovered tooth.  The nerve fired a quick reply.  It is still sending messages and I have a pretty decent tension headache right now.

Eating soft foods.

Went to Art Club last evening.  The co-ordinator searched and found us a new place to meet.  At the library in the old book sorting room.  It was lovely.  Good light.  Good company.  Everyone doing something different.  It's been a very long time since I saw any of them--they were as happy to see my face as I was to see theirs.

So much is happening right now.  Or not happening but changing.

We are having Spring weather for a few days.  The viburnum leaves are full of moisture (and warmth) and look lush.  In the days leading up to this weather abnormality, they had been thin and sad looking.  Conserving moisture in the 1 degree winds.

New things I may be trying this month.  Acupuncture.  Cleaning and oiling my sewing machine (last time I couldn't get the parts to go back together for days and days). Making chocolate ganache.  Making a "look a like"  Olive Garden Alfredo Sauce.  Learning how to take pictures with my new (G's old) iPhone.

Anyone out there have a recipe to make the orange powder in Kraft Mac and Cheese?

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