Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Everything In Black and White

In winter life reduces to Black and White.  There is no color.  And with shorter days- by 3 pm well, stick a fork in it...the day is done.

I am making G another in an endless round of chicken soups.  What shall I make myself?  There are a number of bags of dry things in the pantry--one of black eyed peas and a number of different grains--- and always onions, celery and carrots.  With that trio of veggies--soup is always possible.

I would usually make lentil soup.  But I think, now, that it doesn't agree with me.  The split pea gave me acid reflux.  I don't have any cabbage or potato for a vegetable soup.

I liked the acupuncture.  One of the needles tingled when it went in--an area in need of work.  I didn't like the music.  But then my friend who goes often said she didn't like it either.  But it was very warm.  I think with better music I may have been able to relax more and even fall asleep.  She asked about my very cold hands and feet.  I replied honestly.  I was born with cold hands and feet and its still that way.  My mother made it seem like I had cold hands and feet as a baby to make her life difficult.  Or make her feel incapable of keeping a baby warm.  It was always my fault.  Heavy burden for an infant to carry.  I would have just pulled the sleeve of whatever baby was wearing over her hands.

All through the month of January there is community acupuncture at this practice.  From 4 to 7. And it's $10.  So, I think I will be going back for the remaining two Mondays in January.  I feel less restless.  More at peace with myself.  A good thing.  Even with ice cold hands.

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Annie said...

I was wondering if you liked the acupuncture. I did a round years ago and enjoyed it. I don't remember that they played any music, but did find it boring sitting in the waiting room with a hand full of needles. I should do it again for my anxieties and high blood pressure.