Friday, January 20, 2017

Sorting Through Boxes Of Thread

IF.  Things were all in one place.  That would make it easier to find what I am looking for.  But they aren't.  Which means looking.  And then looking again.

I had so many trips upstairs to the attic (bedroom, storage area) which isn't heated that I had to find and use my rescue inhaler.  I think it was related to the stress I was feeling. "Why can't I ever find anything?"

In the end I found what I was looking for.  Downstairs already.

I have been busy winding embroidery floss on little white plastic paddles.

I am looking forward to setting all the new colors into the boxes with all the old colors.

These are Goodwill, dollar a bag, colors.  Not ones I would usually buy.  Radical.  Uncomfortable. Orange.  Purple.  Brown.

I have purchased (and pulled leaves from stems, chopped and sautéed) kale, red onions (from my summer garden) with red pepper flakes and good olive oil.  I am going to be making sheet pan eggs from Food52.  They bake in the oven.  I'll use the last of the roasted butternut squash, Brussels sprouts and artichoke hearts.  Add some cheese.  Add some of the kale and onion.  Some bacon.  It'll be there to eat whenever I want--cold in the fridge.  Protein and veggies.

The Bacon will be new.  I have, for so long, used crispy browned sausage crumbles.

Watched pre-recorded (TiVo) episodes of Pure Genius last night.  It's like House but in fantasy land.
I'm am LOVING the sectional furniture in the large "sitting around" area.  The seat backs aren't high enough but the moveable squares look like they would be so much fun.  And they look like linen.  Very nice high end beige linen.

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