Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Out With The Old, In With The New

One of my older frying pans decided to part ways with some of the non stick coating after I fried up three quart bags of suddenly defrosted red peppers (fuse blew and freezer got warm).  I had long wanted a Le Creuset frying pan and Santa had provided one--smaller than I wanted but a good one to "try out".  The pan above is the larger sized one I looked at on Amazon--and now see in each and every page I open on the Internet.

I am going to make a grilled cheese sandwich as a test.

I hadn't thought about "tidying" the kitchen as yet.  I did "tidy" a few drawers a great while ago and that was fun.  But I do love all my pots and pans etc.  Some I have used since my first weeks as a married woman.  A long term relationship.  Especially with my little 8 inch square baking pan. All beaten up and cheaply made.  I use it quite often to make brownies or cornbread.

Had a coffee date with my library friend yesterday.  We caught up on what's been going on and then walked around downtown (one street in my little Town), sidestepping ice and slippery spots.  I had visited the library and post office before we had coffee.  It was very nice to be in Town.  With everything close and walkable.  I mentioned to my friend that I wished my house was closer to Town so I could walk instead of drive.  It's something to consider.

On my trip around Town I managed to get a still warm Boule baked with rosemary.  I enjoyed the bread while chopping things for the chicken soup I hadn't gotten around to making until yesterday afternoon.

G went out to get the morning paper at the mailbox and met our cross the street neighbor.  She had a houseful of family for the holidays and her 18 year old Corgi got nervous and bit her.  Corgi's are notorious for biting.  In this case, the dog bit the hand that feeds her.  Christmas Eve emergency room, stitches etc.  Not the sort of holiday memories she was going for.

Well, the paper is now here and time for me to have breakfast.

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