Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thinking About Stitch Making Marks

Judy's Journal has a post today on Dorothy Caldwell.  I don't have permission to post any of her pictures but I suggest you go there to see them.  I have a lot of Dorothy's work in my Pinterest file. I somehow thought she was a painter but now I see ...well she paints with thread and fabric.  Perhaps the piece above from my picture file is one of hers.

I think, when I "make art" that I over think the work.  I see in the post today (Judy's Journal) that one part is dying and printing the fabric and then the second part is layering on the fabric and then the stitches.  I keep thinking I need more supplies.  I need nothing I don't already have.

I just need to begin.  And do the work.

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MariMo said...

So, today's the perfect day to start - Friday the 13th - what are you waiting for?