Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Riley's Daily Walk

In the woods behind our house.  As you can see, he has to bury his nose in the snow to sniff the "good stuff" underneath.  Hard to believe Riley will be 10 years old on April 4th.  Still acts like a puppy.  A 90 plus pound wall of muscle puppy.  I know.  He's taken me "down" as they say.

He doesn't wear the choker collar much anymore.  Now a gentle murmur to walk slower or to sit and it's done.  He does what he can to please us.  If only raising children was like this?

The pot roast is in the oven.  Smells good already.  I browned it properly before adding onions and liquid.  I even cut some string and tied the roast into a nice circle.  Such a little "chef".  At times the cooking show knowledge isn't wasted on me.

I visited the dentist yesterday to have some "modifications" done to my new crown.  I was having some "clanking" with the other teeth when I chewed on that side.  Now, it's gone.  All is well and  I recommend the crown process to all dental phobias.  It was stressful but once I understood what was happening (and my dentist is very kind and thoughtful) it was fine.  Painless.

I worked my way through all the Louise Penny books this Winter (so far), read a few authors with only two books to their name and am now working (backwards and forwards as I can get them) with the Longmire books.  I find I like them as well as I like the television series (now on Netflix).  I also enjoy a series of books.  Once I find an author I like--it is nice to just enjoy that author and read all the books one after another.  And I have to wait until Fall for the final 10 episodes of Longmire.  Then, no more.  By March I will be looking for a new author to read.

It seems to have rained all night here in Maine.  The streets are a mix or water and ice.  A bit dangerous to walk on the "shiny" spots.  We may venture out or stay home.

The news blackout continues.  I tried watching the evening news one day and quickly saw the error of my ways.  Even here in Maine, one has to be careful not to watch or listen to what our ignorant Governor has to say.  He intends to run for Angus King's Senate seat in two years.  Good Grief.

I am going back to mending the hooked rug.  Reading my book.  Tending my pot roast.  All things over which I have complete control (or think I do).  Have a nice day where every you are!

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Annie said...

Riley is one handsome dog, love when you show pics of him.