Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Riley Won't See His Shadow Today

It's been that kind of Winter.  Alternating Days of Spring and Winter.  I bet everyone is sick.  Not us. We are staying quite "apart" from people and their germs.  I suspect that on Saturday when I venture back to work to teach a Fairy Gardening class--I will be exposed to germs.  The class is full.

Acupuncture yesterday.  The community variety. An hour and four or five needles.  Peaceful music and a nap on the zero gravity chairs.  I got a good chair yesterday.  I didn't feel as woozy after.

Not much else to say.  The house is dark--I haven't turned on lights yet--at 11 am.  Ice and snow overnight. I haven't had breakfast.  I did have a nice long shower.  I do love hot water.  Read the news.

Such a fragile ego.  Such a false sense of worth.  Mine is bigger than yours.  That should have been his campaign slogan........

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