Monday, January 16, 2017

I Have Lots Of Stuff--And Just Found It Again.

Today is my first time experiencing acupuncture.  I have been thinking about what I will say are my problems.  My rash (allergies) and my weight.  I can also mention asthma.

The above photo is from the 24 days of Christmas List someone posted online.  This is how I store all my embroidery thread.  It is how.  Past tense.  Now.... I have been collecting (at one dollar a bag) bags full of skeins from Goodwill which are still bagged up.  I am putting more of the little plastic squares on today's shopping list so I can wind up colors/shades that aren't already represented in the storage boxes.

I remember all the time it took to label and wind the thread and put it into color order.  I loved how the finished product looked.  Still looks--as the boxes are packed and ready for use.

So much easier to cut and use when they are wrapped.

Jude Hill has a large basket of loose embroidery threads for her hand sewing.  I've seen it and she must have patience or good luck--in getting one thread out and not a great knotted group. Perhaps she found a good way of cutting the skein so the threads are in a usable length?

I found my storage container of solid cottons.  I have a good selection.  Who knew?????? Now I can stop looking at the Kona at JoAnn's.  Terrible colors.

I also found my felt and wool fabric container.  I have plenty of that as well. Can stop looking for some to buy.  I remembered when I shopped at Goodwill looking for "wool".  Cut up a number of skirts.

I also have beige, white, light blue and black linen pieces.  And the black gauze I bleached.  It bleached white and no black since has bleached white.  I only get a rusty orange.

I found the canvas I bought years ago to stretch for painting.  I have lots of pieces of stretchers to use to built squares and rectangles.

I'm a regular renaissance girl when it comes to art supplies.

The job furlough is going well.  I'm not sleeping until noon like G. I get up and start doing stuff" up in the attic or in the sewing room, looking for things.  Reading books.  Really doing that in a most excellent way.  Like a book a day.  Finished Inger Ash Wolfe's Night Bell and now ready Tana French's Trespasser.  Read the only two Longmire books our library had and need to order a few more from other libraries today.  They read fast and are exactly like the Netflix series.

Finally took the Christmas Tree down.  G had stopped watering it.  I guess he wanted to make sure it would leave the house.  And part of two strings of lights had gone out.  I got three or four dustpans of dry needles for the compost bucket and two big bags of branches for the compost piles.  I cut all the branches off while it's still in the house/in the stand.  I miss it already.

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Life Scraps and Patches said...

Sorry about your tree. I still miss mine. Well, sort of, I still have an LED tree in the dining room window. And, I remember those floss holders. Surely I still have about three boxes of floss on those. There was such satisfaction in winding the floss and adding the number.