Sunday, January 22, 2017

A Lack Of Sun

Mid-winter finds me missing natural sunlight.  We are having a thaw right now in Maine.  Warm for Winter in January.  An Ice Storm is due to arrive mid week.

I am disgusted with the clutter on every surface.  I will be collecting things and deciding if I need them or not.  I made "sheet pan eggs" yesterday and it was delightfully easy and I regret every moment I spent with eggs and a frying pan.  I used up the last remnants of roasted butternut and veg. I used a third of the pan fried kale and onions.  I used a quarter sheet pan instead of the half sheet. I used more egg.  I added cheese. It took more time.  I ate one third for lunch- hot off the sheet pan.  The rest I will eat cold.  Perhaps on toast.

I ran out of face cream.  And I thought I had a second (back up) jar in the under sink cabinet.  I didn't. What is there to put on your face if you have no face cream?

Chuck roast is on sale this week.  So I intend to make pot roast.  Gravy.  Mashed potatoes.  Cole slaw.
My favorite, favorite meal.  Usually served on my birthday.  I was eliminating food on my birthday. So, I will eat pot roast on "not my birthday".

Well.  I must leave you.  I have two bags to fill with "things I no longer need" and I have the dining room table to declutter.  Made more difficult if you are using one end as a place to cut fabric with a mat and rotary cutter.  And have stacked fabric to be cut on top of the mat.  And then put your scarf and gloves on top and some mail and the skeins of embroidery floss.  And then there are stamps, bills and my calendar and journal.

The computer desk is layered with book lists, recipes, tax forms, coffee cups, a flashlight, a cookbook and dozens of index cards.  My life is recorded on index cards.  Paraguay corn dumplings, Gingerbread with lemon glaze, coming soon book list, plant lists, classes I am teaching this Winter etc.


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Annie said...

I had to grin when I read your chuck roast meal plan.We had that exact same meal one day last week right down to the cole slaw, that roast was very good.

You mentioned cooking shows on a recent blog, that's my favorite way to relax...watching cooking shows on PBS, there's something so soothing about watching other people cook. I'm not particularly interested in the recipes, just looking at the food and how simple and good everything looks. Yeah, I know they do a million takes to get everything perfect! : )