Thursday, March 20, 2014

What G Built This Winter

He bought the pattern for this a few years ago.  It was supposed to be my sewing table.  Silly me, didn't want it.  So, instead it will be G's office desk.   I did get a nice table with a pop up and down sewing machine thingy.  Which I like very much.  The pop up and down thing was supposed to be installed in the desk (when the top is opened).  I told G that this wasn't the sort of set up for quilting--it's more for clothing construction.

The amazing thing about this piece of furniture is---this is the FIRST furniture G has ever built. Yes, you read that correctly.  He has tools and he fixes things and has made rough wood tables--but this is furniture.  The doors open, there are shelves and drawers inside.  (I don't have the pictures of that but I should have included the insides).

Now, I would paint it white.  Very Shaker or Cottage.  But G is going to stain it and then do a gloss coat to protect the wood.  When the weather is warmer.  The garage space he's using is unheated.

Now, me?  Well, I got my haircut today, stopped in at work to pick up my schedule for next week, visited TJMaxx and didn't find much, other than new underwear, to purchase.

It may get up to 44 degrees today.  Last night we had snow so some places farther from the coast got 6 to 8 inches of slush for the morning commute.  Slip-sliding.

Yesterday I hemmed three pairs of pants (the 20 cent variety) and sewed buttons on two other pair, washed two sweaters, folded laundry, actually ate a "real" meal at 6 pm and played "telephone" with my new IRA investment person.  After the third call in 20 minutes, I was about ready to go looking for a new guy.

Still haven't found that plane.

I have a container of cauliflower curry from Whole Foods for tonight's dinner along with that baked tofu (I don't like).  You can't begin to imagine how uninteresting these two things are to me right now.  The morning paper had an article about Bruce's Burritos.  Those are some good burritos.  I wish they wouldn't write about these things in the paper.

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Susan Sawatzky said...

tell G to check out Watco Danish Oil as a finish for that beautiful piece of furniture.That's what my Dad used to use on the furniture he made.