Friday, March 21, 2014

Laundry Room Or Room For Laundry

I have neither.  My laundry set up is in the master bath.  Behind a door.  Across from the toilet. The best and worst of situations. Not the toilet part, but being close to the bedroom, where almost all the clothes changing, bed making etc happens.  It's pretty convenient.  But only if you are actually doing laundry as the stuff comes into the bathroom.  Otherwise, where do you put the dirty stuff?

I have devised a "so-so" plan.  Whatever is in the majority (darks or whites) goes directly into the washer where it waits for a "full load".  The minority has to wait in a pile on the floor in front of the machine.  I tried a basket.  But I had to kick it out of my way to use the facilities and sometimes my bladder doesn't have time for that.  Using the bathtub for a dirty clothes hamper--well, it's roomy but not attractive.  And, because of the roominess, I procrastinated on the actual "putting the clothes into the washer" part of doing laundry.  I will always look for a way out of doing something.

Most of my friends have a designated room for laundry.  Yes, it may also be named "basement" but it's where laundry sits, unnoticed.  Out of sight.  In other homes, it's a room off the kitchen, next to the pantry.  And it has a door which can be closed because I have never seen one that wasn't a riot of dirty, clean (but unfolded), hanging to dry and piled up to be ironed.  A mess.  Stuff everywhere.

Now the laundry in the top picture---  all those watering cans, the old zinc basement sink (we had one in every house my parents lived in) that looks as nasty as the ones I remember, the flowers.  But where are the clothes?  Where does one fold.  Sort.  Unload.  Hold and wait?  Good for a picture but useless in real life.

I unload and fold on the end of my bed, it's best if I get there just as the dryer stopped but it rarely happens.  Then G gets a pile of his clothing, folded, I get mine and I walk the bath towels to the hall bath, sheets to the hall linen closet and the kitchen towels, napkins and placemats to the kitchen.  Then I'm done.  No one is wearing anything that needs ironing these days.  But if we were, that goes across the hall into the "office".  To wait.  Because as much as I enjoy the finished product, I am a reluctant starter when it comes to ironing and starting up for only one or two things--just not going to happen.

Where do you wash clothes?  Are you happy with the location?


Susan Sawatzky said...

In the laundry room which is also the hotwater heater room and has two doors, one to the garage and one to the hallway. No room for folding but then I'm only one person now so only wash about once a week if that. But....I do have a room, albeit tiny.

bidtl said...

I'd like that room as a mud room, replace the W&D with a bench or hooks on wall and boot tray. My laundry area is below the kitchen, its a window-less, cement floored and bare ceiling-ed room. The furnace, hot water heater and an ugly utility sink share the space with the W&D. We jokingly call it the "laundry spa". I guess I could clean it up, get rid of the stuff that is stored there, but the thought of emptying it is too overwhelming.

Life Scraps and Patches said...

Your system of storing laundry in the washer is absolute genius!