Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ruby Red Grapefruit Time

I am enjoying my segmented (supreme-ed) grapefruit with whole milk Greek yogurt as much, or more, than I did last winter.  Harder to find with the CA drought but worth it.  I am also eating the Cara Cara oranges which are a mix of pink grapefruit and navel oranges.

It's raining here in Maine.  38 degrees but the sun has set, so we'll see it get closer to freezing and the rain will turn to ice.  It was nice to see rain.  Made it seem less like winter.

Today's tip from "The Gardener's Cottage" was to streamline and minimize the kitchen.  Not happening around here--though I did clean out those four kitchen drawers!!!!  Today I used Janet's cleaning tip of bar cloths and hot water and washed all my kitchen cabinet fronts.  The Dream Home builder (6 years before I moved here) liked lots of "detail" on her cabinet fronts.  I have sprayed, scraped, and rubbed these cabinets and they remained greasy and dirty.  Hot, hot water and the bar cloths--they are clean.  I am a believer.

My visit to the dentist was as usual.  Dr D and his assistant talked about all manner of really interesting topics and I had stuff in my mouth and couldn't talk.  I have progressed from soft lukewarm foods to more sturdy stuff.  All is well.

I ventured out to JoAnn's again (with a valid coupon) to get twill tape for my apron conversions.  I hate having the apron hanging on the back of my neck so I am going to take that part off and make two 36 inch straps that go from the front yoke to the opposite back of the apron.  Then the apron will rest on my shoulders and the tapes will cross in the back.  The only two colors I could buy were black or beige.  I got beige but now think I should have gotten black.  It's always that way with me.

At the greenhouse, I can choose to wear the company tee shirt or the company apron.  The company apron keeps me cleaner.  If this works, I will be so much more comfortable not having the apron dragging on my neck, tensing my shoulders etc.  And I can wear button shirts with collars.  My own.

I went to bed last night watching pictures of the San Francisco fire and woke to see images of the New York City fire.  And the airplane is still lost.  Anyone out there revisiting LOST????


Kimberly said...

We love cara cara oranges - they are out favorite. I wish we could get them year round!!!

Kimberly said...

We love cara cara oranges - they are out favorite. I wish we could get them year round!!!