Saturday, March 08, 2014

Paperwhites Are Blooming

And the smell is overpowering.  I clipped off half the flower heads, hoping that would cut the fragrance by half.  It's still too much.  Now, I am wondering why I start them?  Is it habit?  Or the power of suggestion with so many customers buying bags of bulbs (even now) so they have an unending supply of the stinky things.

I felt bad putting the perky little white blossoms in the compost bucket.

Maine, where I am, got up into the 40's today.  The sunshine is warm as long as the clouds stay away. I was out sitting in the sun while G and Riley took their walk.  then Riley and G napped in the sunshine until it was time for lunch.  Now they are off on a car ride.  Both my boys like going away in the car--to look at stuff.  It's a guy thing.

I am working my way through my book "Bellman & Black" by Diane Settlefield.  Oops, I was going to explain what is happening, but don't want to ruin anything for any future readers.  I stopped and deleted.   This isn't your regular work of fiction.

I brought home Roy Choi's autobiographical cookbook from the library.  I don't like his life and I wasn't interested in his recipes.  Drunks, gamblers, the f-word.  No thanks.  I saw him on Anthony Bourdain's show but they must have heavily edited his conversation.  He was also on the recent Top Chef as a guest for the Quick Fire. I wonder why the library chose to buy that particular cookbook.

G and I are still viewing our way through the five seasons of Fringe.  I think we are getting close to the end of season two.  G is watching Arrow on Netflix while I watch Rake, cooking shows etc.  Now that he has the iPad, he doesn't pretend to like what I like to watch.  He just sticks the ear pods in his ears and....... it's like living alone.  He does ask if I want anything from the kitchen when he takes a break. So it's okay.

Well, G and the dog just rolled into the garage.  I am interested in seeing what they got at the grocery. Always slightly different from my list.

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Kimberly said...

Why is it when we (the wives) send them(the husbands) to the grocery store with a list....... A lot more things "came back than what was on the list?!?!!!