Saturday, March 29, 2014

Made It Through The First Week

Rolled newspaper or magazine pages, imported from somewhere in Asia, supposed to be under hot dishes on the table.  I am having the four I purchased (many years ago) framed for the new kitchen wall.  A nice, square, white frame and a matt (grey or charcoal).

I made it through the first week of two things.  My job and my diet.  Both were a maze of contradictions, choices and successes and failures.  But I made it.  It's Saturday.  TaDa.

Tomorrow is another story.  The second day of Open House @ greenhouse.  And I am teaching the Big Class at 11 am.  Vegetable Gardening.   I think I will be busy before and after the class answering questions--which should keep me away from the piles of donuts and bowls of potato chips.

I ate both of these things at the winter Open House.  Breaking away from my good choices of the previous few years.  But that is behind me (pun intended) and I am moving forward. Eating more protein, drinking 3X the water of earlier attempts at low carb, sleeping well.

I have not stepped on the scale.  I am feeling good about things right now and I think stepping on the scale, too soon, could make trouble for me going forward.  I will judge the effectiveness of the diet by the fit of my clothing.  Period.

The sun is shining today.  The weather guy has promised us two full days of hard rain, sleet and snow starting tonight.  Enough, already.  Everyone coming to the greenhouse is ready for Spring as well.  They want to plant things.  Get outside.

My decluttering for this week:  My recipe box.  I went through every letter (A to Z) and tossed the cards with recipes I haven't ever made, didn't like, or have made but didn't like enough to make a second time.  I also saved all the handwritten recipes from my mom, dad, old friends.  And the funny little joke recipes my 8 year old son slipped into the box--long ago.

I haven't done much decluttering in my closet but I realize I could.  I wore the same outfit each day this week.  Clean tee and thermal under layer, but the same because I own multiples, same baggy cord pants with the mended knee, same socks (I have 6 pair of identical socks), same shoes (three identical pairs).  I didn't wear any of the other "new" 20 cent pants I bought for "work".  None of the fleece vests or jackets.

So much for "need based shopping".  The thermals are new (in my defense).

G purchased a new shower head yesterday.  I got home from work, jumped into the shower and was seriously disappointed.  The water was like a "gentle rain"-- I hardly felt any water hitting me.  The whole shower experience was a total bummer and I was so sad I nearly started crying in the shower.  The one thing I could count on.  Gone.  I would prefer a shower head with the caption "firehose strength". Well, not really, but you get the idea.  Strong water output. Nothing gentle.

Anyone know where G can purchase the nylon webbing for old fashioned folding lawn chairs? If you see any rolls or packages at garage sales this spring, buy it and I will pay for it and the postage to send it here.  We don't care what color it is.

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Anonymous said...

There is a little black rubber ring, called an O ring, in the shower head that diminishes the flow. That can be removed and your shower will have decent force. I know because I did this when we remodeled out bathrooms 5 years ago. I like a SHOWER, not a dribble.
Maggie in Columbus, OH