Monday, March 10, 2014

Another Yellow Kitchen Cabinet


This one has a super large soapstone sink on the far right (by the windows) and I like the open look into other rooms.  This is an older Craftsman style home.  The shelving up along the ceiling is quite charming but I would never use or clean the stuff up there---so best not to entertain that idea. Yellow is not a color I am thinking of using in my kitchen.

Yesterday the curtain rod holding up the draft dodging curtain between the dining area (warm) and the hall foyer (cold) fell down.  Twice.  So G had to find a way to repair it.   While it was down, we realized the room looked so much more open without the curtain.  So, "bright idea" we moved the curtain into the foyer side of the entry.  Wow.  Now we can see the curved ceiling of the entry, the framed pictures on the walls of the entry.  Pictures to come.

I seem to be also wanting to do some "spring cleaning" of a more personal nature.  Change some habits. Cultivate new ones.  Renovate myself.  Remodel my personal habits.

I found a wheat free bread made of husks, seeds, oats and nuts.  Certainly would keep the new me "regular".  You mix it and then let it sit for a day or two before baking.  I have everything needed to make this hearty treat.  Just wondering if it's a good idea.  Not all ideas are good ones.

I am also reading a new blog "The Gardener's Cottage" and finding out everything about living a "less is just enough" lifestyle.  Elimination seems to be the key concept here.  (if you get the humor here--2 points)

My home work for the day, if I choose to follow the minimal (365) path-- 1. to remove one item from my living room and give it away, sell it or donate it.   2.  Try a "trial separation" from 50% of my plastic storage containers.  (I already did that a few months ago and haven't had to dig into the box for any of it--do I really want to get rid of half of the few items I have left?)  3.  Declutter one kitchen drawer.

UPDATE:  It only took the shortest amount of time to empty, sort, sweep, and organize FOUR kitchen drawers.  I found some interesting items.  I have a bag of things for Goodwill, noticed I have many paper cupcake liners and four wooded forks I purchased in Spain (for the baby eels they eat as a tapa-- I thought it was a pasta dish until the pasta started moving).  I have more things in the washer to go into the Goodwill bag when they are clean.  Aprons, potholders etc.

Remove one item from the living room.  So many to choose from.

Well, that lets me know I am far from living the "less is enough" life.  I could cheat and get rid of one pillow.  There are piles of them.  Or one dog toy.  Two full baskets of them.  Or one dog bone.  A full basket of those as well (though I think Riley would notice if any were gone).  Now, it's not move the thing or put it away.  It's remove it from your house and property.  Gone.  Not coming back.

I still have a pile of tangled Christmas lights on one of the chairs we never sit in. On.  A bag of ornaments I never returned to the attic.  The actual living room isn't a room we use at all.  I could empty it all and not miss any of it.  Should I????  Right now it's just where Riley keeps all his stuff and where he sleeps, part of the time.  It's also where he usually barfs when he plays with his toys too soon after eating.  So, if anything should GO it should be that very stained sisal rug.  Okay!!!

Now to choose a kitchen drawer to declutter.  I think it will be the one on the far left of the stove. If I remember correctly it has a lot of plastic twist ties, an extra drawer knob and a few other odd items inside.  I would miss the twist ties.

Tomorrow I have the opportunity to remove one item from the kitchen, remove 50% of my "fashion accessories" to a container and see if I miss any of them and declutter my toiletries.  (I did that whenI cleaned the bathroom last week).  What are "fashion accessories"?  Belts, scarves?  I do have way too many scarves.  And I only have to remove 50% and put them in a container.  I can take any that I miss back out in the 30 days before giving the container away

We'll see.  I just got finished bringing tons of bargain items into the house from the E-store.  I mean--lots and lots of stuff.  More is more around here.

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