Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Stuff We Need -- The Stuff We Save

And stuff we don't need.  And how to decide which is which. Hum.

Today I went to the dentist.  At 67.5 I developed a cavity. There is some info out there that older people don't get cavities.  They do.  We had to do the numbing shot twice.  Once at the beginning and once in the middle.  I'm such a "sensitive" type or Dr T. hit a nerve straight on.

The best news of the day, our supplemental Medicare coverage now covers some "dental" things.  They paid for my 6 month cleaning and full panorama X-rays last visit.  And this visit they are paying for some of my work as well.  This "service" is cost free for G and I.  Medicare Advantage. They even paid for my eye exam.

After leaving the dentist office, I walked through Town to the Optical Shop where we get our glasses made.  I ordered the red frames.  And got ARC.  Anti-reflective coating.  Which Dr A says will help with the night time glare while driving.

On the way back to the library, where I parked, I stopped in a nice little import shop and purchased a leather ring with a square red stone.  Red is my new color.  I can't stop admiring my new ring.

I noticed, in the bright sunlight outside, that my brown pants and my brown fleece are two different shades of brown.  And they looked pretty stupid together.  So, I need to not wear them together anymore.  It wasn't as noticeable here in the dim, dungeon of the house where I got dressed.

I am considering what I should eat for lunch.  Not hard and chewy.  Not hot.  Or cold.  The bones in my jaw are starting to ache a bit.  Imaginary pain I am sure.  I am testing my new filling with warm coffee right now.  It's doing okay.

Oh, Paula---the yarn arrived and I loved the black and white polka dot tape on the envelope almost as much as the yarn.  I picked it off (the tape) and am looking for a tiny craft project to use it on. Perhaps a bookmark.

I also picked up the circular part of a crushed lampshade on the street in Town (as the snow melts, things appear).  I think it will look amazing hanging in a tree with all sorts of bits and pieces dangling from the circle.  Like all the sea glass colored plastic tops from my foaming toothpaste containers that I have saved.  I'll just have G drill a hole in the top of each--to make a "bell".  I have quite a few pale blue ones and only four of the pale green ones. Sensodyne if you are interested.  Comes with a white cap as well but I haven't tried that variety as yet.  If it whitens teeth I can't use it.

It's 3 pm.  I'm hungry.

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Paula, the quilter said...

Good! I am prepping for my DS's wedding and have a lot of b&w 'things'. Does the color of the yarn go well? I unwound the 2" diameter ball of yarn hoping that there was another section of that color and that was the only one. Long repeats in that ball.