Tuesday, March 04, 2014

The Dining Room Table: A Guide To What Is Going On Here

The usual suspects in the clutter department.  The Ficus tree is covering the worst of it.  Magazines, seed catalogs, books, receipts, glue sticks, recipes torn from the Food section of the paper on Wednesdays (mostly vegan for my friend P).  A cluttered table means I am not paying attention.  Decluttered means I am trying to pay attention.  I still have a few  feet of table to work on--G's side.

After.  Mostly done.  A scarf, a few winter hats and some gloves have already made moves on the north end of the table.  We tried having a basket for these things.  But they migrated to the kitchen and then we seemed to have hats and gloves everywhere.  I prefer to stuff them in my coat pockets.  That way, I am pleasantly surprised to find them there as I rush out the door.

The chairs are Danish or German.  Purchased in Germany at an "antique warehouse" in 1988 or 89.  Stripped of all finishes.  G has had to re-attach the legs with dowels and glue on many occasions.  I think they are early 1900's.   I bought a table with them, but the table and chairs didn't belong to each other.  The table with two added plywood "wings" is in my sewing room.  Raised to a good working height.  The table is older I believe and was probably of better quality.  The chairs, not so much.  One is missing.  No one knows where it is.  Believe me, we have looked.  My daughter has even had her house searched.  Still, missing.

The chili turned out quite nicely.  It's packed into containers (for me as G doesn't eat chili).  The meatballs were (are) delicious as always.  We had them for dinner.  Then I packaged the  leftover pasta and some sauce for G to have one of these days and the remainder is in two packages ready to be frozen.

People are divided into two groups.  The first group (mine) will eat the same thing over several days until it is finished.  And we enjoy doing that.  If it was good yesterday, well, it'll be just as good or better today.   The second group (G) doesn't want to eat anything, today, that they ate yesterday. Or the day before.  So, I package and freeze all leftovers after one day instead of watching them decay in the fridge.

It doesn't help that we (G and I) don't eat the same foods.  Different breakfast cereal, different yogurt, different milk, different bread, different sandwich fillings.  Even different grapes.  Green for him and red for me.  And that continues for toothpaste, soap, shampoo etc.  Even sugar.

No wonder our dining room table is cluttered.  Our lives are cluttered with two of everything.  What did we see in each other when we met????  I sometimes think the only reason we stayed married was that G was never home.  The kids and I enjoyed chili, tuna casserole and spaghetti--night after night with a side of tacos and pizza.  Those were the days.

G and Riley are back from their walk.  G said it was "okay" meaning it wasn't as freezing cold as he expected.  No wind.  No pals for Riley to run around with.  Riley is ready for the snow to be gone, his pals the squirrels to be back and sunshine to warm him as he naps on the back stoop.  I am ready for the greenhouse to be open, my pals to back at work and the sunshine to warm me.  I am also ready for that evil Polar Vortex to go back to the North Pole where it belongs.

Our local weather man said the Polar Vortex might be spending the entire Spring season over the northeast.  I hope, hope, hope, he is very wrong about that.

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