Monday, March 03, 2014

Today's Work: Cleaning Off The Dining Room Table


It must run in the inherited genes.

My father's table was piled high with tools, bills, slips of paper, pencils, pills, coupons and grocery flyers.  And this morning I looked and saw the same things on mine.  I am not pleased.

So, I will be working most of the day on clearing the table, because, touching each thing means taking it to "the place it belongs" and that takes TIME.

Yesterday I had to shove things around before I could set my hot bowl of soup down so I could eat supper.  Leftover soup.  The very last of it.  Which means, I need to think about what I have in the pantry and freezer that can become this week's soup.

The first of the three amaryllis looks to be opening.  The flower color seems to be a very dark, dark red or cranberry.  Exciting.  My paperwhites are flowering.  The scent must to bothering Riley as the glass container is right next to his bed.   I should move them.

Until later.........

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