Thursday, March 13, 2014

Finally, Some New Pictures

Here's the new set up of the draft dodging curtain.  The foyer (behind the curtain) is on a heating zone which no one can identify.  Let's just agree that's it's very cold and dark behind the curtain.  The curtain used to hang (for many many years) on the inside of this--what would you call this? A hallway?  anyway, we decided to try it on the foyer side and it just opens the room so much.

We are finding so many new nuances to this much used room.  The new floor to ceiling windows on the south side (directly opposite the foyer/curtain), the beadboard on the long wall at the left.  It's just one surprise after another.

Remember I was supposed to declutter a kitchen drawer on March 10th?  This was the drawer I decided to start on.  Look at that mess.  In fact, when I emptied the drawer there were items in there I could not identify with a use. I was wrong about the twist ties.  They were not in this drawer.

Here it is all decluttered.  We can now see the ravioli press (never used but the 1980's me thought I would use it) the grater from my dad's house, the ginger grater (a white porcelain fish shape), biscuit cutters (found the third in the fourth drawer I decluttered), Pampered Pantry useless items but you have to buy something at those parties, and four board scrapers.  I think two are mine and two were my dad's.  The other three drawers look just as tidy.  I also noted that my potholders are looking very sad.  So I intend to make a few new ones and to also make a four cornered microwave safe bowl holder.  So I don't burn my hands getting my oatmeal, reheated soups etc out of the microwave.  I saw the pattern on Life Scraps and Patches a few weeks ago.

The sky yesterday as the storm was approaching.  We got rain for about 12 hours which was a delightful change from snow.  Today we are having light, swirling snow globe snow.  About 2 inches on the deck.  The sun was just behind the bright white part of the cloud.

Terry (the first blog in my blog list to the right) opened up a discussion on blogs/ comments/ readership yesterday.  She expressed what I have been feeling for quite a while now.  I write but it seems I am speaking to an empty auditorium.

 I started blogging (seven or eight years ago) just to have a space where I could type and press publish.  I think my two children were the only two reading.  Eventually, through the 12 by 12 project which I was not a member of--just a tag a long--- I picked up a few Readers and a few Good Friends. Like Terry.  I would comment, she would reply, I would reply and we started a dialogue that increased the happiness factor here at my house and I hope at hers as well.

What Terry and I are both noticing is increased readership (the stats we get--but they could be false) but hardly any comments.  Which translates to hardly any companionship via dialogue in the comments.  I admit to being pretty damned excited when a comment shows up.  I don't get many and ONE is a pretty big deal.  So, I always reply.  Sometimes just thanking the commenter for stopping by to read my simple little blog.  On the very rare days (sometimes years apart) when I get two comments--I am jazzed up all day.  The bloggers who daily get 40, 100, 200 comments--- I can't imagine it. What a rush it must be.

I have gotten information, magazines, fabric, cream wool for my sweater repair and sweet cards from my small but mighty band of readers.  Oh, I nearly forgot---reading book recommendations.  Oh the books I have discovered and loved.  So I am never going to complain about my solid little tribe of commenters.

But I wonder if Facebook is making blogging for companionship a thing of the past.  It's like the difference between writing a post it note and a letter.   "look at this!"  rather than "let me tell you about this".

How do you feel about it?  Prefer a great photo with a five word tag or the written essay with pictures and the personal imprint of the writer?

I know you are out there and have an opinion.


Gretchen said...

Hi, I've been reading your blog for quite a while. (I used to live down the road from you in Falmouth. Right now I am on the road traveling with my trailer visiting family and friends.) I have to say that I do follow several blogs but I use a reader so, unless greatly moved, I generally do not comment. I have never really had tons of comments on my blog except when I participate in a blog tour which I do from time to time. And I have even turned comments off from time to time. But my readership seems to be about the same or slowly, very slowly increasing. I agree that connecting with folks through blogs is great, but I have found that I have made more connections through swaps. At any rate, I think I comment less than I used to but I still enjoy reading blogs including yours, so keep posting. You can be assured that I will always be reading your posts. Thanks for putting in the time to share with others...

Susan Sawatzky said...

I have posted to your blog because I enjoy your style. I have seldom received a comment back and this lessens my desire to comment. I said the same thing on Terry's blog comment section. I'm one of those that likes feedback on my comments even if only a thank you.

Susan in Port Townsend

Susan Mcd said...

I'm the one who recommended the Tudor mysteries and Hilary Mantel and was thrilled that you enjoyed them. I read your blog regularly and enjoy the gardening, redecorating and general "goings on." I also have a fondness for Maine since I went to school there. I don't comment often but am happy when you are happy. I like to have a picture to look at as I read your thoughtful essays! Susan in Philadelphia

Life Scraps and Patches said...

I always enjoy your blog and feel happy when I see that you have a new post. I love the pictures of your house and yard. One thing about blogging: sometimes I am having a conversation with someone I haven't seem for awhile. They'll say something, then I'll say something, then they reply, "Oh, I know, I saw that on your blog" and go on with their own conversation. Funny.

Paula, the quilter said...

I have noticed on FB that people aren't even posting status updates. They seem to be 'sharing' other things like memes and quizzes. :( Thumbs down on that! I just wish it were easier to comment on an ipad. I make such a fool of myself when I type on mine and don't watch that */! autocorrect.

bidtl said...

I guess I'm more of a listener than a talker. You and I usually have morning coffee together. Most of the time I agree with you and you give me something to think about or try. Thanks for that.

dee said...

Well I hope you already know how much I love to chat with you and your posts are always full of interesting, and often, funny things.
I notice today that the captcha lines are numbers and not squiggly, un-readable words. That's one of the things that stopped me from commenting on many blogs. Eyesight problems currently plague me due to cataracts. However, an e-mail is easier and through that I have gotten to know you a little better and it's great fun. I read your blog with my morning tea. Like now!

Jan said...

I think the drop-off in comments is a combination of things. (I've seen it on my blog, as well, though more are visiting.) Mostly, I think it's that people read on iPads and sometimes, phones. I find I'm more likely to leave a comment if I'm reading on my PC, which happens less and less.