Thursday, March 06, 2014

Cleaning the Bathroom Today

Wishing it looked like this.  Simple, clean.  And it would be nice if we could have the window open.

I am getting sick and tired of snow and cold.

I took almost 80% of the stuff off the bathroom counter in my bathroom. Equally divided between the dishwasher, the trash can and the cabinets under the sinks. Mine is the master but it has no shower (duh!) so both of us use the other, hall bath.  No shower but it does have the stacked washer and dryer.  So, always a pile of dirty clothing on the floor.  Or in the tub.  Because we are slobs, I guess.

I scrubbed the tile counter top (why tile?) with Simple Green and then Windexed the large wall to wall "over the sink" mirror (I don't even want to know why someone did that).  I folded one load of wash and started another and then I took the full wastebasket with me and slammed the door shut.  This house and all it's design flaws and wallpaper (every room was papered) was someone's dream house.

Mrs C, who came after the dream house builder and before me, removed all the wallpaper and most of the cream colored wall to wall carpet.  Bless you Mrs C.  I have Mrs C to thank for the plain beige walls, beautiful walnut hardwood in the living room and dining, the finished upstairs master suite with full bath and shower.  Mrs. C did all that work and still sold the house to us for 70K less than she paid originally. Sad but true.

So originality and this dream house business---well and good, but it doesn't mean anyone else will buy your house.   I'd prefer the bathroom to be plain vanilla and USEABLE.  It's not large so I can't have a SPA.  Which I wouldn't want.  Those big tubs take forever to fill with hot water ($$$) and then you have to clean them after the bath.  Hardly anyone uses them after cleaning them the first time--or more likely, been left sitting in rapidly cooling water with only cold coming out of the hot tap.  When I see them in someone's house, I always ask how often they are used.  Never is the most common answer.  Second answer is "when the grandkids spend the night".

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Karen said...

We put an extra long spa bathtub into our master a few years ago and have never used it except when the grands are over. We have an outside hot tub that we use all winter. It's great to sit in with a glass of wine. By the way, I'm in New York and experiencing 30* weather, and not really liking it.