Sunday, February 16, 2014

Thinking About Spring

G finally managed to get my remaining photo files off the old Apple laptop and onto this Mac.  This was always one of my favorite "tulip" fabric paintings.  I'm not sure I still own it.  If this had actually been a painting, I would have loaded up the brush with a mellow cream paint and painted in the background so the tulips stood out more.  I remember that background fabric.  Sigh.  I don't have it anymore.

Yesterday I spent a few hours at the greenhouse doing a Master Gardener volunteer class (on fruit trees and berries).  There were so many roses leftover.  We had all cut flowers at 50% yesterday but you need people to come into the store to buy them. The storms have really hurt the businesses who count on Valentine's Day for an economic boost during the long dark Winter.  My tenure on unemployment might be longer than usual this year.  Perhaps until the very end of March.  Six more  (long) weeks.

We took down all the "kissy/heart" stuff at work.  I took home some tired, limp tulips.  My living room is kept quite chilly and overnight the little tulips perked up and are standing tall (a good hint for those of you with cut tulips --- just an inch or so of water and a cold room overnight).  Yellow, white and two red and yellow mixed ones.  I also have a vase of "blown" pink roses saved from the trash.  No scent which seems like a waste of a good rose.

My ride back home yesterday was slippery.  "Greasy" roads as the Mainers say.  Today the wind is "wicked sharp" making it even colder than usual.  Next storm is arriving on Tuesday, I think. I have a haircut appointment so I hope the snow comes late in the day.  Or after I am back home.

I have a good amount of recorded Curling to catch up on (using fast forward).  The finals are this coming week.  I think the USA men's team is finished.  They need to get rid of the skip (team captain) they have.  He was awful last year and worse this year.  In fact, the USA women's skip also needs replacing.  The teams that are winning have MUCH younger players.  Better. Faster. Smarter.

Why is it that the USA Teams do "so well" in the run up to the Olympics and then do so poorly in the Olympics?  Except for hockey.

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Susan Sawatzky said...

What is it about curling that attracts you? I only watch ice skating. Tape and fast forward. Are you watching "House of Cards?"

Susan Sawatzky