Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Curious Winter Things

I noticed, while preparing the eggplant for frying, that G's snow blower gloves seemed to be having quite a conversation.  One seems to be making his point, rather strongly, while the other listens.  They aren't shouting.  Don't want to wake up Riley.  Perhaps they are talking about Riley?

Here's the pan of fried, breaded eggplant.  Two nice plump eggplant that I bought at Trader Joe's on Saturday, peeled and sliced about a quarter inch thick, salted and left to purge in the fridge.  I like to eat the fried slices cold, right out of the fridge.  G seems to prefer them "freshly cooked" and not as leftovers.  More for me.  When I worked in Florida, we had quite a few snowbirds from New Jersey working.  One very nice gal would bring fried eggplant sandwiches for lunch.  I skip the bread and just eat the eggplant slices.  Sometimes I add a a few slices of cheese.

Last night I served G and I, Rice Bowls for supper.  During the pause between curling matches.  Brown rice I had made the day before, salsa, grated cheddar, red onion and avocado.  Squirt of lime juice.  I reheated the rice, salsa and cheese in the micro and then topped the bowls with the cold stuff. I had sour cream but forgot it until after we were midway into eating.  I did remember to garnish with a few corn chips.  It was very good.  Very Fast Food.

I am presently cheering for the Chinese men (Lui Rui) and women's teams (Go Betty!).  They had remarkable shots yesterday and too many of the teams didn't come to Russia to win (in my humble opinion).  Like the US teams and it's beginning to look like the Canada team as well.  I like Norway, also.  Great Britain's entire women's team is from Scotland.  I like them too.  Feisty.

Tomorrow is the day our share of the winter storm PAX arrives.  It looks like we may just get rain or snow but no ice.  We'll see.  Stay warm and stay inside!!!!!!


Karen said...

Everytime you mention eggplant I remember how much I love it. Cold, hot, cheese, or marinara. My husband doesn't so I fly solo with this. Hate to mention I'm staying warm here in So. cal. , but may be running out of water

Susan Sawatzky said...

Why curling? Just curious.