Monday, February 10, 2014

One Of Us Is Happy With All The Snow

Riley surveys his kingdom.  Actually, he is looking at the bird feeders.  Wondering if there is any extra seed on the snow for him to nibble.

I saw the most incredible thing yesterday from the windows in my sewing room.  I was in there hemming up two pair of 20 cent pants.  I noticed a big crow doing something odd.  On closer inspection, one of the crows (a pair) was flying straight up, looking like a phoenix rising with beak opened, to nip a bit of suet from the feeder.  Whatever fell was shared by the two of them.  Then up again, again, again.  I went to get my camera but spooked them.  I will just have to remember it.

Last night we got more snow.  G had the snowblower going before breakfast to clear the bottom of the driveway where the Town plow deposits a mountain of snow each time it passes.  But, we have plows and sand.  Not like the other Portland getting snow and ice.  Welcome to winter!

Here in Maine we always have some sort of storm event on February 14th.  One year it was ankle deep icy slush covering the bottom of the driveway.  I remember scooping it with a two gallon tub.  Scoop and toss it onto the snow covered lawn.  We had to get it off the driveway before nightfall--or it would freeze there. I also remember a February 14th in the Chicago suburbs.  3 feet of heavy snow during the day.  I shoveled all day but never got the end of the driveway cleared (4 or 5 feet of plow snow there).  G was stuck at work.  He had to dig his car out of the parking lot.  Delightful.

We watched Fringe on Netflix last night.  No Olympics.  I was dismayed to see the seats in the stands on the 6:30 news.  Empty.  The tickets are sold but Russians are "coming late" to see the best parts. How much fun is it to compete in the Olympics to mostly empty stands?  Sixty billion dollars spent and they are "coming late".  We watched a bit of the ice skating and there were no cheers from the crowd (that we could hear or see) and no flowers on the ice after. What do you think?

I have more clutter to clean up today.  Some chair slipcovers to fold up for someone at my daughter's work or Goodwill.  A few more hours of work and the office will look like an office again.  Then I will start on my sewing room.  More tubs to fill and carry upstairs.  I think, on the third leg of this decluttering, I will move next to the room in the cold attic.  Stack the fabric boxes in there.  Labeled. I am also thinking of buying more plastic tubs and labeling them with clothing sizes.  One for each of the sizes I am.  The smaller sizes can be waiting upstairs and the larger ones can be in my closet.  Right now, I have three sizes going---and amusingly--I can wear all three.  Right now.  The size I want to be wearing--well, that size can move up to storage for the time being.

I am wearing a really big size (for me) right now--it fits like loose pajamas.  I find I actually prefer my clothing looser.  I have no idea what it looks like to other people.  And at 67 I really don't care. If I have an important lunch or something, I take pants out of the two smaller boxes. I am NOT wearing the larger sized tops.  Too circus tent-ish.

G went out and bought me gigantic navel oranges.  Huge.  Took me a very long time to actually eat one.  Plus bananas.  Plus avocado.  Plus carrots.  Plus lettuces. Plus celery. I am testing the WW theory that you can freely eat as much fruit and veg as you want and still lose weight.

G also bought me two Frosty's raspberry filled donuts.  I'm calling them Valentines.  G doesn't care what I look like as long as I am happy.

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Paula, the quilter said...

That is a wonderful pic of Riley. Don't you ♥ husbands? I like that mine has blind love too.