Friday, February 21, 2014

And Today It's Slushy Cold Mess--And Raining

The curling is going into the final medal games. It'll soon be over.  G won't miss watching.  He usually buries himself into a book or a game of Candy Crush on the iPad.

We did errands today.  Missed the first session at the employee store but made it to the second.  I found the full sized comforter cover I wanted (needed) so the visit was a success.  I also got a pair of leather slippers like the ones I managed to find for G just after Christmas.  All of these things (for sale) are returned items from Christmas.  It's crazy.  I keep thinking--I won't find anything today--but I always do.  This bargain shopping experience is why I will be tempted to "do it again" when the season cranks up again.  Remind me why I shouldn't do it.  Please.

In the meantime, there is so much good food in the house right now--the "diet" is a real challenge. I think I will watch the two taped curling matches and try and stay out of the kitchen.  I'd go out to shovel slush but it's raining.

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