Thursday, February 20, 2014

And Then It Was Warm

Yes, that's me--today.   On the deck.  In Maine.  It was so hot I took off both of the sweaters I had been wearing in the house.  And my socks.  You can see Riley's legs up at the top of the picture.  And all the snow.  I was making and tossing snowballs for Riley to catch.  Not fetch.  He doesn't do fetch.

Sitting out there, with a cup of coffee, was such a treat.  Warmer than the hottest shower.  Warmth going deep into my bones.  I missed being warm.  And it was only 41 degrees, but no wind, no clouds, just the big old sun sending heat our way.  Loved it.

Then G came in from chipping ice off the granite steps across the street.  Our neighbor is off enjoying a week in South Carolina and we are "in charge" of upkeep and mail collection.  He also had to dig out her mailbox so she could get mail delivery.  He hasn't cut the big overhanging branch off the tree that hangs over the mailbox.  The postal service sent my neighbor a note asking that it be removed. With a smiley face drawn on the note.

I have been reading a nice new blog with a minimalistic spin.  I am always enchanted with the minimal lifestyle while living the opposite way.  The past three days I have been indulging what I can only call an "addiction" to employee store shopping (because they sent me a three week pass).   I am wondering when I will decide that I have all the jackets, slippers, down comforters, sheets, boots and 20 cent pants I need. Not yet.  So, not yet.  I can barely squeeze the stack of (my favorite) waffle knit tees onto the shelf.  (but I wanted the pale blue and the navy)  

I made a pot of the kale, tomato and white bean soup.  I am in the midst (6 pm) of trying to make carnitas but the water is taking it's sweet time boiling away.  While I made the soup this morning, I pretended I was a "cooking show host" giving tips etc while cutting up potatoes, onions, celery and washing the kale.  I also managed to "chat" my way thru scrubbing the sink and counters, washing the dog food jar--- my "cooking show" was interrupted by the dog who wanted lunch and me outside with him.

You know the rest.  It was a good day.  I got some nice pants. (smile)

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